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Lisa Carson,

Labradoodles are truly marvellous dogs and make fabulous family pets. Many people assume that Labradoodles are simply a crossbreed, however they are now a distinct type of dog. Labradoodles have a Breed Standard and breeders are working to gain recognition with kennel clubs abroad.

They come in three sizes:
Standard : 21 – 24+ inches and weighing between 20 kg and 40 kg.
Medium : 17 – 20 inches and weighing between 15 kg and 19 kg.
Miniature : 12 – 16 inches and weighing between 10 kg and 15 kg

They are bred in a variety of colours from Chocolate, Café au Lait, Apricot and Cream through to a true deep Red. Their coats vary from hair in the early generations to curly coats and finally the perfect silky fleece of a pure Labradoodle, which should have the texture of an angora goat. The terminology used is slightly confusing. Basically F1 means first Labrador/Poodle cross then with each crossing the generation increases (F2, F3 …) for several generations until an “A” pure Multi-Generational Labradoodle emerges.

First Crosses

In the UK the majority of doodles are first crosses or low generation crosses (F1, F2B). These doodles are slightly unpredictable in appearance – their coats can be hairy and they usually shed like a Labrador or they are curly with hairy/coarse patches. Some take after their Poodle parent and have a woollier coat. First crosses also tend to be the largest size – Standard. They are lovely pets and make wonderful companions with a cheeky, scruffy irresistible quality. They are very clever and do need human contact during the day and if left to their own devices will find their own form of entertainment!

Multi-Generational pups are more consistent in appearance and size and low-shedding – their coats are woolly or a curly fleece, soft and sometimes long, with the texture of an angora goat. Also the three sizes are quite distinct in Multi-Generational Labradoodles and it is possible to breed the tiny true Miniatures. Multi – Gen Labradoodles are loving, intuitive and friendly however the same as F1 crosses, they require training and companionship in order to thrive in a family environment.


Labradoodles are Poodle/Labrador crosses originally intended as assistance dogs for people with allergies and/or asthma. In the eighties Wally Cochran at the Royal Guide Dog Association in Australia wanted to place an assistance dog with a vision-impaired woman in Hawaii whose husband suffered from allergies. There were 3 puppies in the first litter. One pup named Sultan proved to have an allergy-friendly coat and was suitable to be a guide dog. Unsure what to call the pups they coined the phrase “Labradoodle”.

Two Breeding and Research Centres for the Labradoodle were established, also located in the state of Victoria – Rutland Manor and Tegan Park . These Breeding Centres bred Labradoodle to Labradoodle, seeking consistency and uniformity. Some early litters had low to no shedding dogs whilst other matings produced shedding pups. But it was encouraging enough results to continue and preserve.

Labradoodle Since that time the Labradoodle has seen an explosion of popularity in countries across the world. In an effort to protect the Labradoodle’s future, national associations were set up, and recently the International Labradoodle Association (“ILA”) was created. The ILA is creating a Registry, similar to the Kennel Club, for recording litters and registering dogs. ILA breeders adhere to a Charter , Breed Standard and Code of Ethics . doodleDogs is a member of the ILA and we are represented on the committee (Vice-President).

doodleDogs –

We’d like to introduce two of our special dogs – “ Curly ” and “ Lucky ”. They are siblings from a Rutland Manor line in Australia . The line is bred for assistance dogs in Australia and America , helping children with special needs, and for family pets.

Labradoodle “Curly” is a Multi-Generational Chocolate Medium Curly Fleece . Conceived in Australia at Rutland Manor (one of the two founder breeders of Labradoodles), from Coco-Pops (Cafe 20” Fleece) and Milky Bar Kid (Cream 18” Fleece). His mum and siblings live in Hawaii – who breed assistance dogs for children and family pets.

Curly is to be mated to Labradoodles and backcrossed to Poodles and Labradors . We are hoping for Chocolate and Cream pups with Curly, Woolly or Fleece coats. A very handsome gentleman with a loving nature. We think his pups are going to be simply adorable.

“Lucky” is an Apricot Cream Multi-Generational Labradoodle with a brown nose. Also conceived at Rutland Manor, she is smaller than her brother. She was born named “Loki” – a Hawaiian name but re-named her “Lucky” as the children misprounced Loki. Her coat is silkier than Curly’s. Whilst she has not shed yet, she has a 20% chance of shedding based on the characteristics of her coat at birth. She is very clever and here in the photo is looking guilty, having been caught sneaking into a forbidden bedroom for a nap! Labradoodle

doodleDogs are starting to breed Australian Labradoodles in the UK . We are the first (as far as we are aware) in the UK to import Australian Labradoodles from the Rutland Manor/Tegan Park lines (the founding Labradoodle research/breeding centers in Australia ) to start a breeding program. Concentrating on Chocolate, Cream, Apricot and Red lines we hope to breed Multi-Generational Labradoodles with Woolly, Curly and Fleece coats. First crosses (“F1”) and backcrosses (Multi-Generational Labradoodle bred back to either a Labrador or Poodle), are planned – thus giving us a wider gene pool.

If you would like to find out more about our doodles and more about the breed – please visit and .

Lisa Carson,

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