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Dog Club – snippets of small advice

Snippets of advice

Teething problems

I have a little piece of advice for anyone with a teething puppy. My six month old pup has just gone through her first teething stage and I was quite surprised how much trouble her siblings were causing their owners with their teething. Not many people seemed to realise that their dog actually was teething to start with and I heard a lot of complaints about how the dog is destructive and chewing everything in sight.It really amazes me that people still consider getting a dog without learning the slightest thing about them first. Anyway, when Poppy started teething I bought a cheap packet of tea towels for her, I soak them in water then squeeze them out and put them in the freezer. It makes a very soothing chew for the pup and keeps the gums cool at the same time. I’ve never had a problem with her chewing anything else, she now has a lovely set of teeth and I never lost a single piece of furniture. I hope this will be of use to others.

Marisa and Poppy.

Dog Toys/treats

I use the kong toys from Pet shops to keep our dogs quiet when we are out. Stuff these with cheese or sausages and the dog spends ages trying to get them out. I also use a blue kong type toy from Tescos and also sterile bones from wilkinsons. As you can see from the picture below a quarter of an ordinary sausage fits nicely in to the hole, but to the dogs disgust does not come out as easy!
Also cream cheese in the bone leaves them licking them for ages.

Dog toys

Helping Out at Your Local Rescue

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Having a loyal companion that will stand by you through thick and thin, learn from what you teach it and give your life meaning… or so I’m told. I have to admit I never had the chance to have a dog… But I did have Rats, and I’m pretty sure it’s basically the same thing, just smaller.

Now I’m sure you’re like me and wouldn’t dream is mistreating a living animal, but some people injure and mistreat their dogs through either neglect or cruelty. And it is up to the good people at places like RSPCA or various dog shelters to care for mistreated dogs.

Of course it’s only right and good that you volunteer and help out with something like this. Even if you’re not particularly confident with strange dog you can help out. For starters you could simply help out around the place. Not everything that goes on requires directly handling dogs or prior experience with dogs and the handling thereof. Making the tea, manning the telephone, anything that lends a hand in some way is valuable… And you could get to know the dogs in the meantime.

Buy from the gift shop. Many animal shelters offer gifts that you can buy in order to raise funds. A dog themed coaster, birthday card or jumper can go a long way!

Or if you want to just cut out the middleman, you could make a donation, most charities have this thing where you can just hand them money and they use it to do good things. And if money’s not your kind of thing you could always donate your old cars. That way you free up parking space and make the world better for dogs!

Giveacar Ltd.

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