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Re: A "Wee" Quiz


hehe – thats a trick question as technically Ishtar is not “a godess” she’s many and different cultures have different names for her ……………

(oh and i believe the “belief” does have some basis in fact as if a dogs mouth didnt have some serious “good guys” in it – licking its arse all the time would surely soon make it ill)

# Absusu
A Sumerian title for Ishtar in her role as a promiscuous goddess
# Abtagigi
“She Who Sends Messages of Desire”; a Sumerian title used for Ishtar as patroness of sacramental promiscuity and/or Sacred Prostitution
# Agasaya
A Semitic goddess of war called ‘the Shrieker’ she was absorbed into the concept of Ishtar, who was also known as goddess of battles.
# Anatha Baetyl
A planetary goddess (Venus) known in Egypt and among the Hebrews, later absorbed into Ishtar; part of a trinity with males.
# Anatu
In early Mesopotamia she was known as Ishtar’s mother (with alternative names such as Antu, Antum); the ruler of both Earth and Heaven. Later in time she became absorbed and merged into the worship of her daughter.
# Anunit
or Anunitu was the patron-goddess of the city of Akkad and associated with Venus as evening star; daughter/sister of the moon-god Sin. She became – in the course of time – absorbed into the great figure of Ishtar who also took over her role as ruler of the city.
# Asakhira
Early Semitic goddess of promiscuity; merged into Ishtar
# Dilbah
Ishtar as Venus the morning-star and goddess of war and hunting
# Gumshea
Mesopotamian goddess of vegetation and fertility who was assimilated into Ishtar
# Hanata
A name for Ishtar as warrior-deity
# Har
A name of Ishtar that led to the title Harine
# Irnini
Originally a patroness or guardian-deity of the Lebanese cedar-mountains she later became absorbed into Ishtar
# Kilili
The goddess Ishtar as symbol of the promiscuous and independent woman – the ancient idea of the virgin – whose wanton behavior inspires both excitement and a tremendous anxiety in many of those who desire her.
# Nanab
‘Queen’; an old Babylonian title used for Ishtar at the cities of Lagash and Ninevah; it may refer back to a global form of Inanna from which Ishtar has developed.
# Nin Si Anna
Ishtar as the all-seeing ‘Lady Eye of Heaven’
# Ninkasi
Sumerian goddess of Wine, ‘Lady Horn-Face’, who became ‘incorporated’ into Ishtar
# Ninkharak
A dog-headed goddess of healing who was assimilated into Ishtar
# Nintur or Nintu Sentu
An ancient goddess of Shirpurla who became merged into Ishtar; the names meaning ‘Lady of the Womb’ and ‘Lady Life-Giver’.
# Sarbanda
‘Queen of the bow’, a goddess of the hunt or of war who was venerated at the city of Erech; later she became assimilated into Ishtar
# Sharrat Shame
Ishtar as ‘Queen of Heaven’
# Siduri (Shiduri, Shidurri)
Ishtar in her guise as innkeeper and wine-maker in the story of the hero Gilgamesh
# Ulsiga
A title of reverence meaning ‘Ishtar of Heaven and Earth’
# Zanaru
A title of Ishtar meaning ‘Lady of the Lands’

Ishtar as Venus the evening-star and goddess of love

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