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Health Care and Nutrition

Dorwest Herbs – For over fifty years we have been producing high quality Licensed Herbal Medicines and Dietary Supplements for people and their pets.
Dog Health – The experts in animal health
The Veterinary Physiotherapy Clinic – Physiotherapy for animals in Scotland. Lara Moser-Kats is a chartered veterinary physiotherapist who specialises in the treatment of dogs and horses. Animals can be seen at The Veterinary Clinic or in their own homes
Vet-Medic Pharmacy – Veterinary medicines at the right price
The Pet Health Portal – Pet Health information and advice
Back-in-line animal physical therapy – McTimoney animal physical therapy, is a holistic or whole body treatment, which aims to realign the spine, mobilise joints and release muscle tightness. Can benefit dogs of all ages, from pets to agility, obedience and all working dogs.
Aloe Vera for your Pets – Aloe Vera products for all your pets needs. Totally natural healers with no side effects. Save money on Vets bills and find out about a simple way to buy your Aloe Vera skincare and pet health products at wholesale prices with no joining fee.
Synflex For Pets – Now available in the UK, Synflex is a high quality liquid glucosamine formula, which rehabilitates damaged cartilage, reduces inflammation, improves mobility and eases arthritis pain. Helps in treatment of osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.
Fit And Fertile – Natural Health Care Products
Spanna – Degenerative Myelopathy Help and Advice – DM help and advice. Read Spannas story, our GSD lost to DM. Information on carts, boots, harnesses, helping your dog, meds etc
Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture – Home visiting service providing acupuncture for dogs. Excellent results for many chronic conditions including arthritis and skin conditions.
Aquadoggies – Dog Hydrotherapy Pools – Whether you want Hydrotherapy for your dog with arthritis, hip dysplasia, back aches and post surgical rehabilitation or just a good swim-about in a chlorine-free clean environment, Aquadoggiesis the place for your canine companion.
Hyperdrug Pharmaceuticals Ltd – Home of the Equine Pharmacy, Canine Chemists, Pigeon Pharmacy and Hyperdrug Veterinary Supplies, Veterinary and pet medicines, animal health specialists. We dispense prescription medicines! Specialists in veterinary medicine and animal health
Meadow Farm Canine Hydrotherapy – Meadow Farm Hydrotherapy is one of the UK’s leading complementary animal care centres. Hydrotherapy is a recognised and effective treatment for a wide range of canine conditions
Holistic Pet Health – A more natural approach to the health and nutrition of our pets, developed by a veterinary surgeon
Equilibrium Chiropractic Midlands – Midlands based animal chiropractor. Help to improve the performance, comfort and wellbeing of your dog
Dipping Dogs Hydrotherapy Centre Uxbridge, Middlesex – Purpose built hydrotherapy centre for dogs, 30 feet pool for the ultimate workout.
Herbal Health Ltd. National – Manufacturer and supplier of Veterinary approved herbal Health products for animals, including JointHealth, SkinHealth, Calm SuperSoothe, FleaOrDie ProtectaJoint. The complete range is covered by a 100% money back guarantee.
Vet Base East Sussex – free small animal veterinary information, healthcare topics and news frequently updated and constantly growing
Healthy Dog york – Our experiences of health and nutrition of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Also dog art for sale. london – for savings of up to 40% on regular veterinary clinic prices. Natural health remedies, prescription medicines and nutritional supplements from a reputable, reliable, friendly and fully professional source.
Canine Therapy Centre East Lothian – Free advice and help sheets for training, behaviour and general health problems. On- line shop selling natural health remedies, training and behaviour products, cosy coats, leather collars and leads. New gift shop and specialist show shop now open.
Aromesse Ltd – PetNat Proven natural skin remedies for itchy troublesome skin problems. The steroid-free alternative for your dog. Worldwide delivery.
Cats and Dogs Ltd Derbyshire – Natural animal healthcare products,all products chemical free.Uk exclusive supplier of ASL SeaFeed and EarClear Mr Watchmans 1907 Formula for Ear Mites.Retail web-site secure on-line ordering with same day delivery Trade enquiries welcome.
Liz Harris, Animal Physical Therapist North Yorkshire, County Durham, Tees Valley and su – McTimoney Manipulation therapy, sports massage, stretching and Reiki combine to effectively treat a variety of musculoskeletal and behavioural problems. Fully qualified and insured practitioner. – For anything you would usually buy from the vet but online with up to 80% off! Most items include free delivery
Nutrecare kidderminster – Nutrecare supply Frontline Spot On, Hills Prescription, Burns dog food, Royal Canin plus many more prescription and non prescription products. Free delivery on all orders over £60
Laboklin Manchester, UK – Are your dogs free of genetic disorders?
Alpha Dog Behaviour Bewdley, Worcs. – A dog behaviour specialist and trainer with a solid understanding of dog nutrition and how it can affect behaviour and health. Contact me for your consultation.
Land of Holistic Pets Scotland – The Holistic approach to healthy, happy pets
Poolecott Canine Hydrotherapy Devon – Here at Poolecott Canine Hydrotherapy we offer a range of hydrotherapy treatment programmes to meet the individual needs of each dog. We aim to improve and enhance the physical and mental health of all the dogs we treat
The Naturally Healthy Pet Lewes – Advice and tips on how to keep your pet healthy the natural way
Feelwells Probiotic Healthy Dog Treats Northallerton, North Yorkshire – All our treats are probiotic, healthy, natural hypo-allergenic. They are wheat wheat gluten free and do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Available in Adult, Puppy, Mature and Lite. Treat your dog well with Feelwel
Animal Aiders National – Veterinary Led Dog First Aid Courses. Affordable, Practical and Invaluable for all Dog Owners, teaching the most up-to-date and scientifically based techniques.
K-9 Products – K-9 Products offers an array of kennel sanitation supplies specializing in high-grade, safe disinfectants and odor control products and other useful canine items such as natural supplements, stainless steel bowls and buckets, e-collars.
Medic Animal London – Leading online animal pharmacy selling medicine, food and accessories for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Small Animals, Birds, and Farm Animals. Free shipping in the UK and discount shipping across Europe. 24 hour turnaround on all orders.
Vet Meds Plus Oxfordshire – is a UK veterinary dispensary supplying the same medicines you get from your own vet. All our prices include VAT and postage! Vet Meds Plus offers an easy to use online shop and guarantees to deliver your order safely and quickly.
Animal Medication Direct Derbyshire – Animal Medication Direct. A reliable UK company that directly supplies a wide selection of animal medication, prescription drugs and related pet health products. Much more than just animal medication direct! Quality products and sensible prices.
Pet Food Choice Shropshire – Pet food reviews, money saving tips, pet food labelling and ingredients, pet news, home cooking and RAW feeding and more
Canine Bowen Technique Somerset – Canine Bowen Technique is a safe, gentle therapy for dogs. Light rolling moves are made over muscles and soft tissue to encourage the body to heal itself naturally. Helpful for pain-relief, relaxation, aching joints, mobility problems.
Naturally Animals east midlands – Naturally Animals is run by two Animal Iridologists to meet the increasing demand for excellent quality herbal products for dogs. Iridology can provide the owner with a wealth of knowledge regarding the health and wellbeing of for their pets.
Vet Help Direct All UK – Interactive advice from qualified vets. Helps owners decide how urgently their dog may need to see a vet, cutting any delay in treatment for true emergencies and preventing needless out of hours call outs and the associated expense.
Pet Health Information – A free online resource from the National office for Animal Health with all the information a pet owner could need on dog health care.
Dog Worming – Everything you need to know about dog worming, including descriptions of the various dog worming treatments that are available, and where you can get hold of them.
VetDispense Northamptonshire – VetDispense is an online pet pharmacy selling a complete range of pet well-being products, from animal medicines and pet medication to dog food and pet supplies all at substantially lower prices than your vet. We are registered with the RCVS and VMD
Synflex Glucosamine Liquid for Pets Hertfordshire – From the UK, Synflex is a high quality liquid glucosamine formula that rehabilitates damaged cartilage, reduces inflammation, improves mobility and eases arthritis pain. Helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis and hip Dysplasia
Keen Pharmacy Cheshire – Online Uk registered pharmacy also supplying animal medicines. We supply wormers, tick treatments, flea treatments etc as well as food and supplements.
Pet Franchise Opportunities London – We offer a variety of pet franchise opportunities, including dog walking, pet sitting and pet food sales. Start your own pet business today!
Chemeyes – There is a national shortage of Tryplase and Pancrex products for treating EPI, we are able to offer a great alternative with very fast delivery from UK stock
K9Centre East Lothian – Thornit Ear Powder is a remedy generally used for ear mites and canker, but is also very effective on a variety of other mites. For dogs continually suffering from ear problems, skin itching and paw biting, Thornit can bring long term relief.
The Dog Bakery Derbyshire – Premium naturally healthy traditionally baked dog treats made with only the finest human grade ingredients! We believe the simple things in life are the best and our products contain no artificial colours, preservatives refined sugars or
London Canine Bowen Technique Surrey – Based in Croydon, London Bowen Technique provides dogs a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on soft tissue remedial therapy that promotes healing, pain-relief, relaxation and body/energy re-balancing.
Animed Direct Suffolk – The biggest seller of animal medicine to dog and pet owners in the UK. Animed Direct is a UK based online veterinary dispensary and is part of a large and established group of veterinary practices.
Vet Know How Swindon – Vet Know How are a team of passionate and dedicated pet owners and vets who have created this site to offer guidance and support to you and your four-legged companion whenever you need it.
Petsho – Petsho is a blog to help you be the best pet parent you can be! We talk about health tips, answer common questions and cover in depth reviews of pet supplies to help you make informed choices.
Pro Pooch Redditch – Pro Pooch manufacture pet supplies for the more discerning canine. From Grooming Products To Household Items and Nutritional Supplements.
Breeding Business London – A free online magazine dedicated to the education of dog breeders worldwide. Canine reproduction, genetics, health, interviews, ebooks, guides, and even product reviews. A great place for dog lovers who want to learn more!

Non UK Links

World Of Puppies (Australia)- Dog health, training, nutrition and entertainment website.
Wiley Pup New South Wales (Australia)- Because Life’s Boring Without a Dog!
Recipes for Dog Treats Sydney, New South Wales (Australia)- Over 400 dog treat recipes along with dog care tips to solve all of your dog health related problems. Every dog owner should know these to ensure their dog is healthy and happy.
Dog Care Basics Ontario (Canada)- Knowing dog care basics is the foundation for understanding the life stages of your pet and helps make dog ownership a rewarding experience. It will greatly improve your dogs health, general obedience, and social behavior if you have a solid Ontario (Canada)- This site is a place to learn and discuss anything and everything regarding your dog. This site offers articles on proper training and feeding, as well as a popular forum where you can talk about your dog with others all around the world.
Cranimals (Canada)- Cranimals develops organic dark berry-based animal supplements targeted at improving animal development and overall health and well-being.Our range of supplements includes Original, Very Berry and DHA-Omega 3 enhanced Gold. Try ou
Azmira Europe, Holistic Animal Care (Netherlands)- Natural health products for dogs.
Healthypets-spain (Spain)- Land of Holistic pets dog food delivered direct to your door anywhere in Spain. 15kg delivered free. This is the best holistic, natural dog food to come on the market in a long while, try it before your pet does!
Pet Care Sunday United States (United States)- Pet Care Sunday – Everything about pet care, dog food, health and nutrition.
Dog Costs (United States)- An extensive list of what dog-related procedures cost.
Ultimate Home Life Phoenix, Arizona (United States)- Free information for all dog lovers out there, topics about dog training, dog behavioral issues and how to properly solve them, how to care for your dogs and keep them healthy, all the way to the foods your dog should and shouldn’
Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs New York (United States)- Urinary tract infection (UTI) in dogs can be classified as an upper urinary tract infection or a lower urinary tract infection. These two types of UTI in dogs show different signs and symptoms.
Pet Care Rx New York (United States)- An online pharmacy that has what you need for your dog, cat, bird, or fish. Shipping Prescription Non-Prescription items safely and conveniently to your door, and all for up to 50% off your vets prices.
The Shih Tzu Expert Seatelle WA (United States)- A site about nutrition for Shih Tzu and other small breed dogs. Detailed guides on how to find the best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs at all life stages. Health advice like eye issues, distemper are certified by a clinical veterinarian.
Mission Viejo Animal Hospital Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 (United States)- Animal hospital in Mission Viejo for your pets at best price. Proudly serves veterinary services in CA. Contact us at 949-365-0101 to schedule an appointment.
K9 Carts (United States)- Each K9 Cart combines 51 years of experience within the field of Veterinary Medicine to give our clients the only fully adjustable, convertible dog wheelchair designed by Orthopedic Veterinarians for your pet.
My Sweet Puppy Blog Chicago, IL (United States)- My Sweet Puppy is a blog about dog nutrition, health, and training.
Can Dogs Eat This New Jersey (United States)- Can Dogs Eat This is a safety guide blog giving dog owners advice on what human foods they can feed their pets. It has in-depth analysis of the benefits, as well as the precautions you must take.
Can Dogs Eat? (United States)- Free comprehensive quick reference guide to what human foods and drinks are dangerous or safe for dogs to eat. Find the answer to the common question, can dogs eat…? Search a huge database (500+ products). Full Website and Android App
Premium 4 Pets (United States)- Premium dog food formulated by Vet Jane Bicks for the healthiest pet possible. Pet safe cleaning and high quality treats and supplements.

Medi -Vet (United States)- Offers pet medication, pet medications, dog grooming, dog allergies, dog grooming supplies, animal health, cat urine, dog shampoo,dog vaccines.
Neck’s Best Thing Medical Braces Texas (United States)- Toss out those cone collars, e-collars and elizabethan collars! The first multi-sized adjustable pet medical brace. Versatile, multi-functional and easy to use. Can be cut to ANY shape or size. Rigid, but comfortable. Protects animals from creating s
iPupster IL (United States)- A site dedicated to dog lovers and pet parents and making the journey with their fluffy friends as stress free as possible.
Dr. Dog Health Care and Pet Supplies MA (United States)- provides quality pet care information and supplies for dogs and cats.
Happy K-9 Dog Care New York (United States)- All-in-one resource guide to raising a happy, healthy dog. We offer information on dog care, dog health, obedience, grooming, training, behavior, tips and facts, dog supplies, plus a whole lot more.
Glucosamine for Dogs (United States)- NutraPaws offers natural solutions for dogs hip and joint pain, such as glucosamine for dogs, which can help repair, rebuild and renew synovial joints in dogs.
Dog Health (United States)- Tips and articles devoted to keeping your dog healthy and happy. Florida (United States)- 123 PetLife is dedicated to bring to you articles of interest concerning the health, behavior and product reviews for dogs and cats. We can even help you select a pet name.
Help My Hound california (United States)- Free online dog medical diagnosis and diseases from A to Z.
Dogs 4 Life CA (United States)- information about dog adoption, dog health, dog nutrition and behavior
Pet wellbeing Washington (United States)- Canine Plantaeris is an effective, all-natural treatment for canine diarrhea.
The Perfect Pitbull Blog (United States)- Then this pit bull blog is the perfect place for your doggie dilemmas. Every thing you ever wanted to know about pitbull health. The purpose of the pit bull articles is to provide you with useful important information covering varied subject areas.
Eddies Wheels MA (United States)- Wheelchairs for Pets

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