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Walrus Dog Breed: Everything You Need to Know About Them

The Walrus dog breed is exceptional. It is a mixture of two dog breeds, namely, Shar Pei and Basset Hound. Shar-Pei originated in China, and Basset Hound originated in France. The mix of these two breeds: Walrus originated in America. The other names of this dog breed are Ba-Shar and Sharp Asset.

Today, we have brought this post to provide you with information about Walrus Dog in detail so that you can decide whether this dog is suitable for you or not. We will have a look at their personality traits, look at how one can groom it, get an idea about how to train them and finally have a look at their pros and cons.

Let us first have a look at some of the characteristics of this dog:

They are seen in various colours like black, white, golden, cream, chocolate and brown.

  • They look charming and innocent.
  • They have long floppy ears and a large head.
  • They have too many wrinkles on their faces which makes them look old.
  • They usually have a height of 10 inches to 14 inches.
  • They weigh about 30 to 60 pounds.
  • They have a life expectancy of an average of 9 years
  • They are loyal, have a sharp mind, and love companionship

Now, let’s check out their personality traits.


Personality Traits

  • They are quite friendly; they love playing with human beings.
  • They have a calm nature, but they are alert too at the same time, they get attentive if they suspect something unusual.
  • They are versatile; they love to do exercise as well.
  • Take them for a stroll every day as it keeps them fit and healthy


Grooming this dog is not a big task; it is amicable. Have a look at the below points that you should keep in mind.

  • Brush their bodies twice a week.
  • Bathe them once or twice a week to keep them clean. Dry their body entirely after a bath.
  • They usually have too many wrinkles on their body, keep these wrinkles clean and dry.
  • Dogs usually face the problem of hair loss (shedding), but in the case of this breed, shedding is low, so no need to worry.
  • If the dog’s health is not well then take it to the veterinary immediately for a check-up, it will help to get immediate precautions, and it will give proper time for treatment.
  • Give them proper healthy food, consult an expert for this and only provide them with the food that is recommended.
  • Brush their teeth twice or thrice a week.
  • Their nails get long; it might hurt them as they tend to have a habit of scratching various parts of their body, it might hurt us too while playing with them, so you need to trim them as they get long. Take the help of a veterinary while cutting nails as it is not that easy.
  • They have big, floppy ears which can cause infection easily, clean their ears regularly with ear cleaning solutions and a cotton ball.


The traits of both the parent breeds are exactly opposite, so you will be required to provide extensive training to this dog breed to make them active.

  • Shar-Pei is very aggressive, short-tempered and stubborn, and their nature will be inherited by Walrus too. So, you need to provide proper training to them to cool down their anger and remain calm.
  • You will need to provide them with 30 minutes of daily exercise and training to keep them fit and healthy. So, before you get one Walrus dog, think whether you will be able to spend time for their training out of your busy schedule?
  • They will get ready for the training readily if you provide them with rewards. Provide them with their favourite food or any other favourite item after they correctly follow the training instructions. This way, it will be easy for you both to complete the training quickly and effectively.
  • Train them to behave appropriately before your guests. They usually bark before strangers, so take care of this thing too. Make them socialize with people, and they will start trusting human beings and stop barking at them. You can receive the guidance of dog experts and even hire them to train the dog.
  • Keep them on a leash as they are very active and usually get excited and start running.

Just follow the above points and train them correctly, we know it is tough for you but keep going, and the results will be more than apparent. You can watch training videos on the internet and consult a good trainer to get some useful guidance too.

Watching videos will show you the practical training sessions, and you can get an idea from them. After training them, they will safeguard your house very well and protect it from thieves by staying alert.

Let us now have a look at their pros and cons.


  • · It’s an intelligent breed.
  • · The breed is good to have around children as they are quite playful; they are quite amiable with all family members.
  • · They are quite loyal and make for an excellent guard dog.


  • · As it is a mixed-breed dog, it can experience some health disorders as both the parent breeds have a record of severe health issues.
  • · They have a short lifespan of an average of 9 years.
  • · They like to chase smaller animals, so don’t put a cat or fish or any other small pet with them in the same house. It will be trouble for you.
  • · They don’t like to stay alone; they like to be surrounded by people. They face separation anxiety when their master is not at home so consider this point well when you are going to stay out of your home most of the time due to work.
  • · They require socialization at an early age as they are quite stubborn before strangers.

So, here was a detailed article on Walrus dog breed, their characteristics, personality traits, grooming, and training. If you are planning to get a dog for you, then you can plan to get the walrus dog. Search for them in nearby pet shops and bring them home to have a new loyal friend. Stay tuned to petsnurturing to get such informative pet articles regularly!

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