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    lassie sent me this link which wags had come across…if you with me lol

    it seems this has all gone rather silly and is getting cult status…there are even t shirts being printed  ::)

    i actually found it rather disturbing…and cannot for the life of me understand the comments posted on u tube …maybe it me….

    but is sure a classic example of why un-responsible dog owners get dogs a bad name…and a good example of why using name as recall does not work…..

    and thats what happens when a dog has no recall and has been allowed to learn un-controlled hunting…that dog could have been shot…that guy could have been fined thousands…can you imagine the pile up that could have happened on that road …and those deer are pregnant…or some of them were but may have now aborted…

    never mind jesus christ benton…think it jeez you f ing prat… >:D

    havnt a clue what happened next not sure if i want to know what the dog got when he caught him….but i hope the managers of the Royal Parks see it and sue his backside off….

    Jesus Christ it’s Benton the dog!


    You can see what I mean Kiz, it’s scary. Unfortunately that seems to be the common way of trying to recall your dog :scared:


    Apparantly the dogs name is Fenton not Benton.

    The owner I would call lot of unprintable names  :whistle:


    which is why if you are in a panic because there is environmental risk and dog is unreliable you also need a whistle STOP….no way a dog going to come back to that…especially on a hunt… dog wouldnt have even been capable of hearing him…all senses shut down except that intense drive…that was one successful hunt…that dog will never ever be reliable around livestock now…


    OMG, someone posted that vid on facebook the other day – with some comment along the lines of ‘i know i shouldnt but i laughed’ – i never watched the video but recognise the opening scene…….really not funny…….

    but seriously why on earth was it off lead around that many deer? really??


    I cant believe that people are finding it funny…..I was horrified.

    What an idiot though. I would never let Stan off lead that close to Deer no matter how much I trusted him


    I don’t think it’s funny at all :boooo:

    quote :

    The charity Friends of Richmond Park estimate that uncontrolled dogs kill around six deer, usually the young, in the park each year.

    In September one female dog owner accepted a £650 fine for failing to control her pet in the park after it mauled a deer which subsequently had to be put down



    if you have not trained….tested…gone through the learning criteria…tested again and then proofed the behaviour…then no…in that situation and environment no no…def no off lead…the problem is that so few pet owners get AS FAR AS PROOFING…it not rocket science it really isnt….but …ok…dont want to go that far?…want to keep dog on lead in extreme situations? …then good…at least you have made a decision…and i totally respect that…

    i know that i could walk off leash any dog i raise from pup…and bear in mine my dogs are hunters…in a herd of deer…a flock of sheep…etc
    ami would do mum deer you see? and automatically come into nudge…no i aint bragging dont need to…she was the pup from hell remember she was 9 months when i got her ….but iz and claire have seen this…cubert…i had to start him at 4 months on stock and yep…we had an extiction or 2 and yep he met a testy ram or 2 …and no i hate punishers…but…he now all a big boy…and unlike ami who will go into un cued nudge…with cubert it more like he looks/sets…have to do leave…or if he away from me STOP …recall…yeah he was hard at times….yeah i could have left it all 1/2 way through and then for the rest of his life when risky leashed him…but i didnt…because i will not have a dog that i have had from pup that does not have a fluent and reliable recall/stop/down dont even bloody think about it on cue… off stock so that i have to keep leashed…it not my lifestyle… was never ever going to happen…he harder..he needs more…lifes tough…he got more than…didnt need an e collar either…just time and a good farmer…
    …but…we got there…

    am i going to get there with percy? am i hell as like….so he will be leashed

    i think what i am saying is that a responsible owner trains a dog to their own…as in human… limit then manages the rest …but…you have to know your dog…if i wasnt there…yeah cubert would go on stock no doubt at all…he might not for iz but he def would if it mo……ami…never…never in a million years…with anyone

    we have to save them from themselves…

    that guy?  he has no idea…he has no idea of what his dog is capable of…he hasnt put in any where near enough training to even walk his dog off leash…that dog would run onto other dogs a mouse or whatever…that is one hell of a un-responsible owner

    train the behavior
    test the behaviour
    proof the behaviour

    however much time however much frustration however many sleepless nights



    if you cannot do it on own…get help


    Brilliant Bev and very well put ;D

    and just to show that any dog or owner can do it, Stans my first dog and not realy done any dog training before got him.

    We were out down beach, had play, run around, hypo moment. calmed down, crossed road to park, sent Stan foward into park, he then doubles back and heads straight towards the road :scared: STOP …dead stop, looks at me….GET BACK……backs up still watching……(point left) left away… he goes back into park…….mega mega praise and lots lots lots of play.

    If I can get Stan to do it then anyone is capable ;D

    Stan has not been tested around livestock (other than horses) so that is why I would elect to keep him on a lead

    But for that guy it was just plain stupidity, pure and simple


    and very well put back to you  :-*

    you know your dog…you know the limits…you have settled for where you at and you happy to manage the rest…gold star hun…

    if only others eh?


    very true, If you know your dog cant handel a sitiation or even if your not sure if your dog can handel a situation then play it safe and put on lead


    Charlie showed it to me saying this would be me with Lunar and i said no it wouldnt because she wouldnt be off the lead around that many deer.

    I think its all about common sense and knowing your dog – I could easily walk my boys around those deer and they wouldnt bat an eye lid if they did want to herd because we herd not chase they are easily downed IF they were sheep then not a chance they would be herded into a flock in no time and moving towards me. Cleo on the other hand would look at the sheep with no intrest and not want to chase the deer. In all honesty Lunar and Meg wouldnt be bothered by the deer at all i dont think but i wouldnt risk Lu shes only 10 months old and hasnt really been tested to that sort of level and i would think the sheep would be herded again.

    This guy clearly shouldnt have had his dog off lead around so many animals without a fantastic recal/down so really hes just a bit of prat – why have the dog off lead ?

    *on the other hand we met a man a few days ago with 4 horrid JRT’s who ran up to the collies all full of themselves and gobby – who decided that Obans leg looked tasty and now has a huge chunk missing out of it – dogs again that shouldnt have been off the lead*


    poor Oban 🙁 hope he heals soon
    Do you know the guy with the JRTs, if you do I would report him to the police


    I have the same argument every time me and my sister try and do anything with our dogs together. She has two ‘over friendly cavies’ who have no recall at all so it’s fine to run away to see other dogs because they just want to say hello and make friends and they come back when they are done ::)

    We have the same argument over and over again but she still insisted that what she does may be wrong but because 95% of the public do it then it is okay to do. :boooo:

    Last walk we were on was a big football field, across the other side was a man walking a rough collie on lead…. Getting closer i put Uno on lead, told her she should do the same as one of the reasons the man may have his dog on lead for is because it doesn’t like other dogs…… she said what a load of bull it is a big fluffy collie of course it isn’t going to be nasty to them. fortunately the dog was okay but what happens next time if the other dog isn’t! grrrr drives me up the wall!!

    Yet if it had of been a staffy or shepherd on lead across the field she would have put them straight on lead and gone in the other direction :surrender:

    We no longer do any dog related activities together!


    Honey i would trust — weve met deer in the field-  fine she wont chase and she fine round horse sheep etc etc, you could walk her a foot away from a wild rabbit and she wouldnt chase.

    Dex i can call off birds, dogs people, can honestly say we not been in position to test deer or sheep  – id leash him hes good but i dont think hes that good

    manny i wouldnt trust at all, dogs yes, birds yes deer or sheep etc no bloody way hed be straight on a lead, my fault – partly, he had such a rough time after being attacked and i should of put more effort in – hes reliable off lead and actually is the only one who has a ‘get in’ to walk next to the buggy but i still wouldnt trust him – i know hes a little shit 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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