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Bev we need a chat

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    This can wait till tomorrow as I am knackered but we need to talk about Terry and Claire we are fast becoming a board for the mentally sick.
    This is a dodgy one but posters are being put off by them, they feel sorry but really do not come on here to be depressed.
    To be honest neither do I.
    I have a load of PM’s from Terry running along the line of do you hate me do you like me and all the s**t  in between I have spent half the night trying to make her feel better about herself.

    I would hate to think I did anything that would send her over the edge but this is a dog board for dog people and problems storie etc.

    I know you have had it for mths and that Izze has landed up with one of her dogs, but hard cow that I can be think I we need to do something about it.

    So kid stand by I will be on tomorrow possible late morning early afternoon.
    If we can’t sort it we may have to call on Colin to see what he wants to do.

    I don’t see Claire as much of a problem she comes and goes in waves but Mudgie is not helping and there are a few others that are now adding there depressing bits to these posts
    doG we even have Mark Twain being qouted this evening, so not what I come on here for and I think others from the pm’s are feeling the same


    Val, I had Christine complaining yesterday about it all too – is really putting her off being on here. I know shes emailed you about it just read an email from her telling me she had.

    And now its MY turn to be brutally honest, some days I cannot face coming on here, most days i do – but it has got to the point I dread what im going to read, and the very fact that I am being made to feel bad because I cannot be sympathetic to Terry. Am sick of the veiled posts. Even Christine commented she saw one and thought it was at me. Im being over sensitive I know that – but doesnt stop me feeling that every post she makes is a jibe. Thats my problem not yours, but im not part of this board to be counseller – I cant and wont. And right now whatever I say to Terry is going to be taken the wrong way – so im doing my best and not answering her, but i dont think thats fair……..

    So……..I fully understand if you want to remove my mod status cos right now I feel im more of a hinderance than a help.


    Dont you dare Suz :nono:

    Bev has moved both of their threads into the mods section, Claire has kicked off twice, after Val ( Ithink it was?) deleted her post, she going for guns.

    I am in a difficult situation with Terry, but at the moment am of the feeling If she wants to start- I will start back.  >:D

    Her comments towards Suz were downright rude, when Suz was only being honest. Lassie is being very conniving too  >:( she starts on Claire and then is brown nosing Terry, it makes me want to vomit!  :vomit:


    Im not going anywhere Izzie – just not sure that I should stay mod unless I can get a bit more detatched from this.

    Just hate what the boards become. Glad the threads have been moved.


    You two just stay calm lift yourselves above it have been here before and dare say will be again just stand back, I am around with a delete button if I have to, anything that is posted that you think is too much just stick it in the mods area and I will try and keep the peace.
    I fully understand how you feel I had a lovely day yesterday then came home to miles of PM’s from Terry with the oh poor me, I am going to kill myself sorry have no time in my life for it I just do not want anything blowing on the board


    Ok Val, just trying to NOT add to the problems  🙂

    I had a brill day yesterday too – then today this?  :nono:


    Dont worry Val, we are both on msn so can nudge each other if we need to.  🙂

    I will move if needbe for you and Bev to decide what to do  

    Glad you had a great day yesterday! :-*



    any chance you can copy me in on some of her pms emails etc and your replies..


    ok…izz and suz are aware of the blow up tonight…i will copy you all in on the pm’s…in the meantime…block terry from emailing you…mudgie has and so has claire….any pm’s ignore but save….done all i can…what will be will be but tonight was over my limit….she informed me that she had pre sedated dor prior to a pts injection and had taken stuff herself….dont know how much truth in that but it came about because i deleted her post in gossip telling all that she thought she had mates on here and was now going to kill herself…i deleted real fast within seconds so am hoping no one else read it…i then pm’d her and said anymore and a ban… if she posts anything iffy…anything at all then ban her but copy the post first and save on word or in here….


    No probs  :-*

    Suz and I are out most of tomorrow during the day, but I will prob be online tomorrow evening. 


    Thats fine bev – she doesnt have my email she never has done infact she never contacts me period  🙂

    As you know me and Izz away all day tomorrow – but back int he evening  🙂  :-*

    Izzie great minds think alike!


    bev i am ill… fine i will admit it… i am ill… possibly terminallly… but if you think i want anything less than what is the very best option for my boy you are much mistaken. maybe i have it wrong. we can only do what we believe is best. and the vets code says to do what is in the best interests of the animal. i want his best interests to be with me, by my side, with our bond of love, with me actually able to do for him what he needs – feed him, train him, play with him, give him confidence – and (*auto remove*) knows the poor bastard deservse it after all these years of shit…. i see him failing before my eyes, slipping even though i have stuck carpets on the floors, limping, his muscle wasting, his eyes anxious…. fine maybe ishould try to live for his sake – and i have been… or i wouldn’t have had to try and rehome them at all…. but (*auto remove*) knows i cannot think clearly, i have had too much shit thrown at me over the last couple of says, i can’t assimilate it, i can’ty deal with it, and quite frankly i don’t kow what i am doing… it is all too much, beyond what i cna ndeal with, and i don’t know how to get help, and it has crossed my mind to ask them to hospitalise me, but what about him, there is nowhere for him to go and they wouldn’t let him  come…

    and no matter what you say there is only you i would trust with him, and i am not trying to pressure you but that is the only place i could trust him to be safe, not with any other rescue – so while i can fight i will fight, and whatever they do with treatment i can’t go into hosp unless he can come too…

    i can’t explain how i feel or my emotion but it is all just beyond anything i can deal with, and my consolation at the moment is that he is now relaxed and chilled out in front of the fan heater and looks happy not anxious… yes that means more to me than anything else…

    but if you ever wanted to help fdor gods sake help me now bev bnecause i have never been at a lower ebb… i thought i had been at rock bottom but am finding out what is below it… and it aint pretty and i am dragging my darling boy down with me….

    got that


    you need treatment….what you did tonight was not for those reasons at all….it was a response to the past couple of days….you need day on day care 24/7 until you can see the wood in the tree’s…if you are now at that point then i will help foster out dor until you are well again…but i will not take anymore emotional blackmail or clever responses or debates or personal attacks or abuse around or about your health etc ….one more and i remove you from my email list…and if that sounds cruel then so be it..if you are truly at rock bottom then you will understand, see and do the right thing and get treatment….and i mean/t everyword i say/ have said….and that includes a ban if you post anymore like you did tonight in gossip….

    i was seconds from calling the police and your mother….i will not nor cannot stand by having rec that sort of stuff and do nothing….and as for dor…you are not well enough to decide what is best for him…i told you right in the beggining…i said to you it was against my ethos and my morals…that does not mean i do not understand or that i do not care it means just what it says….the average person in your situation would not have the means to put their own dog to sleep…that is abuse of your trade in my book….and you can take that how you wish it will not alter my opinion or make me doubt my morals….

    val has been copied in on the basis that these conversations have taken place on a public forums system of whcih the owner has legal responsibility for….

    replied with this


    Blimey Bev – I keep feeling shes playing you – yet at same time i do understand shes ill, I cannot comprehend her decision to do that to Dor – carried out or not………….

    Bev im sorry you geting all this – she needs help serious help I can only hope she gets what she needs before it too late………..though i cannot shake the feeling that if she was serious – she wouldnt of emailed you……i dont mean to soundheartless  :-\


    she did pm me suz …prior to…just not copied you in on all as yet…there are pages…as i said dont know how much truth but…the assisted suicide act is complex…and i prefer not to be called to an inquest and have to admit i stood by and did nothing cos i thought she was bluffing…i spent a weekend at her house with her….i know how deranged she is …

    you dont sound heartless hun xxx not one bit xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)
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