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blood in pooh sick??

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    Ok REALLY worried about Gracie, she woke up and was sick, turned light to clean and sick was red, not pure blood see through but red. went downstairs to put food and water down, hubby did water be she came straight up after wees.
    I came down put some food out and she sniffed it walked away then ate it (she did this on mon too with fresh sardine, brought that up in a few mins she also had some pumkin seeds most she brough back up with fish)
    she has been eating natral instincts a raw food, and yest had had pure lamb morning and eve 1st time she had the pure but been fine with chicken lamb mix.
    shh then has a poo which the 1st half was ok little soft the second half very soft and looked to be bloody mucus surrounding it, not sure if in poo as was soft, but a bright red blood similar to sick
    so either seeds roughage caused blood
    or could the blood from the lamb cause this
    or something else wrong…..

    Am going to call vets when they open at 8.

    She fine in her self been settled all night, settled now, just not as eager with food as she normally is, but still ate x


    poor gracie… :-*

    colitis attack? whats the fat content of the food?


    Moisture 61.1%, Protein 16.2%, Fat 17.8%, Crude Ash 4.0%, Fibre 1.0%
    •Welsh lamb, heart, liver and bone (75%)
    •Butternut squash
    •Sea kelp
    •Scottish salmon oil

    Have spoke to vet who said starve for 24 hours introduce gradually, will make up some chicken porridge for her for the morning. Vet said the same as you Bev  🙂

    the more i looked at poo the more i thought it meat not blood  🙂


    something must have triggered her pancreas to over stimulate…mashed potato and chicken…no fats until she pooing prop without mucus…


    Starve her for 24 hours 1st or give her her tea as mash and chicken?

    Thanks for your help and advice  🙂


    Poor Gracie, hope she feeling better soon  :-*


    mmm..well can only go on what you have said…if you starve her her liver will start producing bile and she may sick that up…that often means folk go back to vet and vet does check this that other blah blah
    what i do…and you know i had these old boyos with pancreatic probs…ted has had pancreatic cancer now for over a year….just like falkor had

    after an attack…day 1 i feed mash and narnies…
    day 2 mash and chicken…i wait for a poo…if it mucus loaded or if they sick…i stick to mash and narnies…if it not i do 1/3 boiled chicken and 2/3 mash…until the attack has subsided..i then feed no fat oil fatty meat etc for 3 days…but i do offer veg and lean meats…until i am confident the attack is over…then we go back to normal feeding…

    your concern at the moment should more around the trigger???

    hugs to the girlie


    ok will try that.
    trigger could be food? or underlying?
    Tues eve and morn she had Lamb 1/3 of a KG pack for morning and for tea, monday mon eve – fresh raw  2 sardines with pumkin flesh and some seeds morn she head 1/2 pack of nature diet (lamb). Sunday eve 1/2 pack of nature diet (lamb) morn turkey and tripe natural instinct. prior to that natural instinct or tinned sardines, with natural instinct  normally she has chicken and turkey, recently had chick lamd and turkey tripe, pure tripe as this is what we had in – maybe too rich for her???
    Is food the trigger?? guess i need to get her over this attack and see what it is that triggers it if it food or something else.
    she does have mucus poos every once in a while i will be honest and say i did not realise this was pancreas and thought it was anal glands emptying  🙁


    Aww poor girlie, hope she’s ok xxx

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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