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Can you write and help right a wrong?

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    A year or so ago I launched an appeal to find someone to take over Home-A-Dog, the brilliant little Death Row rescue charity in Wales run by Anne Fowler. Anne had terminal cancer and had written a very brave letter saying how much she wanted her vital work to continue after she was gone and we launched a search to find someone who could help her as she got weaker – someone who would eventually take over.
    Anne wrote to me again a couple of months ago so say what a tremendous comfort finding Demelda Penkitty had been. Demelda and her husband had read about Anne’s quest on my blog and had sold their home in Cornwall to rush to Anne’s side, staying in a static caravan on Anne’s land and taking over the essential day to day care of the dogs and Home-A-Dog generally.
    I knew Anne must be near the end to write the letter and I was so delighted that this brave lady seemed to be content – that what she started was going to continue.
    She put off going into hospital as long as possible and slipped away a couple of weeks back.
    But it seems Anne’s last wishes are now being trampled on by a load of bureaucrats.
    It seems that although Home-a-Dog had been quietly getting on with rehoming a very few dogs at a time, proper planning consent had not been sought and that the presence of a caravan on the land was also now being denied.
    There are no neighbour problems and the local community seem very supportive of Anne’s life’s work. She lived in a remote area of Wales, where dogs seem to be a natural part of life.
    Below is the person to write to, to express your disgust at this short-sighted decision to wreck a little project that has done so very much good without upsetting seemingly anyone apart from the planning committee.
    Without your help there is a very great possibility that Home-A-Dog and the lovely Demelda and her husband will be themselves homeless.

    Please address your best letters to:

    Mr Aled Sturkey, Chief Planning Officer
    Planning and Culture
    National Park Planning Authority
    LL48 6LS

    Or alternatively email:

    Home-A-Dog only ever took in a few dogs in at a time that were in council pounds on their seventh day, facing destruction. The dogs were carefully trained and rehomed and 300 plus dogs have been saved over many years.
    If you can write to Aled, tell the local media, pass the word on through other forums please do.
    Anne would just be so devasted to know that her life work hung by a thread and that she had encouraged lovely Demelda to relocate only for the whole plan to be totally destroyed by the council.
    Alternatively, should you be able to help with a new home for the organisation or funding please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Demelda. We found Demelda for Anne, let’s see if it we can also find a solution to this terrible situation.
    I can’t help but think how many puppy farms have been licenced in Wales in beautiful rural areas, yet this tiny, efficient rehoming charity is being destroyed.
    Anne never wanted a fuss at her funeral, no flowers.
    Instead can we all send letters of support? Please, please cross post.


    should be  mailto:

    missed out an r in eryri 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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