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Diesel (my most beautiful boy)

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    With great sadness in my heart i have to announce that i had my Dieselboy send over to Wodan on may 18th.  :'(

    How could this be, my lovely babyboy? How can you live with me, work with me, and share everything with me like a puppybouncingball for almost 7 years? Only for me to have to let you go so soon?

    After a few days of miner bowelproblems my pretty boy got diagnosed with a hernia in his spine. One of the worst kinds. It was already turned into bone and in total as big as a golfball. Even whilest grooming him daily we could never feel it…. Neither did he show any discomfort.
    How he could remain painfree for so many years is beyond the vets’ knowledge aswell as mine. The vets think it blocked the pain somehow as hernias like these don’t grow overnight. But apperantly after these years a piece of the hernia shifted and Diesel was beyond Ops and medicine…. We have tried for a month only to conclude meds didn’t help and an Op was useless as it was waaaaay to complicated and he was completely paralized at the back end. Huge part of the bowels, tail, back legs…..

    Run free, my pretty babyboy, run free! Raid those eternal huntingfields with big bro Wodan! Rave’em down like the 2 of you used to back in your primeyears.

    Wodan…Watch over him, my rock, watch over your little Diesbro as you used to as i can not anymore.

    I hated the Gods for doing this to us but now i am thankfull… Thankfull to the Gods for those 7 beau-ti-ful years Diesel has given me. Thankfull that they atleast let him be painfree and bouncy for all of his time but the last of his life.

    Diesel… You were my bouncingball, my foreverpuppy, my never growing out of his puppystageboy. You were suppost to grow very old with me, like your big brother did. Oh sunnyboy how i miss you and how happy i am now that i spoiled you rrrrrrrrotten since you became my only dog. Only thing i regret is that our 1-1 time was only for little longer than a year.

    Every dog of mine tought me something… Sondra tought me a dog’s devotion goes beyond humans’. Thor tough me that a dog is not a machine. Max tought me that it’s better to work around a dog’s stubborness than to fight it, Wodan tought me what it is to truly REALLY connect with a dog. You, my sweet babyboy…. You tought me not to take time for granted and to live life max-at-the-fullest. For tomorow it might all be gone….

    Loosing 2 beloved boys, companions, and workmates in little over a year is the Gods’ way to remind us to love them while we still can…. This is the lesson for me that came in the form of my heart being wripped out, putted into a blender and served to me as an ice cold smoothy  :'( …… I will never make that ‘mistake’ again.

    Dieselweasle, you never got the chance to meet your new babybro. But resting next to your bigbro, know this; you will never be forgotten….


    Nononononono  :'( :'(

    Big D, I am sooooo sorry

    Run free D-Dog xxxxxxxxxxxx


    Run free beautiful Diesel dog, have fun with your big bro xx

    So,so sorry Diesel, I don’t know how I would cope without puddlepup now Tam is gone.


    Omg no thats so sad how very unfair – im sooooo sorry 🙁

    Run free Diesel dog xxxxx


    So So Sorry to read this run free Diesel Eshia is not that far over the bridge she will look out for you XXX


    so sorry to read this, so so sad, run free gawjuss boy, much love and hugs Diesel xxx


    So sorry D, run free and Diesel dog :-*

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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