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    Tam was attacked when he was a puppy by a ‘friendly dog’  ::)
    ‘Friendly dog’ quite often means untrained 🙁


    while i sort of agree with the ethos ( i think) …i also think that is one of the most ridiculous articles i have ever read…at this moment in time i cannot even say why…think it needs a waggs statement  ;D

    it just…it just…sort of …so NAFF


    Agree lassie. Written in a humorous if not stupid way but the meaning behind it I agree with. Sent this to my sister as a joke as she has two overly-friendly dogs who both they and she think should meet and greet every dog (unless it’s a stuffy or big scary dog ::) )


    I’m thankful for a park to walk with or without my dogs where I don’t have to worry about my dogs or myself being dog attacked or even jumped on.  I couldn’t go there if I had to worry about that, wouldn’t be enjoyable. 

    Now my neighborhood, mostly safe to walk in, but have encountered an aggressive dog a couple times, coming off his property, into public street, challenging me.  Since that’s how people’s dogs are killed by other dogs here, with the person going to emergency room to be stitched up, It’s obvious to me that a person cannot always save their dog from being killed by another dog while walking.

    So I must carry 2 forms of protection (not gun).  Love dogs & haven’t had to use, but I would be negligent, knowing what I know, not to carry protection & protect my dogs to best of my ability. At park I go to people ask if their dog can meet your dog.  Have been told several times, “not a good idea”.  Better for everyone, dogs & people.


    am struggling with this to be honest…maybe it because i live in a nice english country village….but have clients in cities that use public parks etc…what protection do you carry frag? 

    if we meet a dog that is over the top/up for a fight etc…then…i put mine into a stand off or a nudge…slip leash rogue dog…hand back to person…with a smile saying training needed maybe?

    there is a post on here where i did that in a london park with loki….think it was a bolshy flat coat…


    What protection do u use? Where I live it is very dog friendly which is great except when you have a dog that doesn’t socialise. Uno nervous and barky towards strange dogs so we either do a controlled close heal past or a sit to the side with a watch me. That’s great when the other dog is under controll and/or back on lead but not a good situation when we doing a sit stay and a dog is running circles round us getting closer and closer freaking UNO out while it’s owner chases it round! I don’t care if the other dog is friendly or not we don’t want to be pestered as it sets his training and confidence back.


    right…this is doing my head in…so this is prob my last reply

    this is her list yes?

    based on
    Today I call on all dog lovers to take a stand on behalf of dogs that walk in public while they simultaneously cope with one or more of the following:

    backed up with….To keep it simple, these dogs and their owners shall be known as Dogs in Need of Space (DINOS).

        contagious diseases……errmmmm if dog is contagious then shouldnt be out
        leash reactivity…….a public park is not the place to train or remod this…
        service dog training…..they NEED to learn to deal with interuption
        injuries and painful physical conditions….why risk your dog this way…we have enough trouble protecting them from themsleves as it is…if injured etc…exercise another way…free shaping for example
        intolerance of other animals….shouldnt be out without it being dealt with or managed by human
        recovery from surgery…..see above
        fearful of unfamiliar or rowdy dogs…..socialise dog then…re mod…take elsewhere
        aging and elderly….see above
        learning self control around other dogs….how can s/he learn if going to exclude
        are owned by people that want to be left alone ...say so

    no dog should be allowed to greet or whatever other dogs without the ask etc…
    not all dogs like all other dogs…why should they…we dont like all other people…

    but…still think it a NAFF article… 😀


    It is naff but I suppose if it makes people think Before they bowl up to any dog they see then  it will serve some purpose ;D


    typed a reply – dunno where it went!!

    bev all mine are ok with dogs – manny not suprisingly is most likely to react – hes been had by the same american bull dog TWICE – i had no hands free at the time to to slip lead the other dog, both boys and a buggy and a dog going for mine over the buggy!! , was only dex who stopped it going further.

    in the park well – i no longer go there as we simply cannot have a walk in peace!! i drive elsewhere despite th epark being 2 second walk

    i have had 2 gsd/husy types hound my dogs ad nearly get in the buggy – owner other side of the park

    a LARGE mastiff type 4 month old pup nearly get in the buggy i hadto tell mine to sit and stay and grab it to hand it back to the laughing owner – also nearly halfway across the park

    choc lab has bitten the above mastiff type pup on the face – turned round one day to see it about to do the same to Dex!! owner arrived ( from across the park) saying sorry hes a bit funny at times, and he ran off when i turned my back – WTF is he off a lead?? i wouldnt find it a ‘bit funny’ if he did to my dex what he did to the pup!!

    mannys been chased nearly out the park by a burnese – thankfully he recalled cos he bloody dog had no intentions of doing so – but was appparetly mannys fault cos he barked – yes he barked but because he turned round to find 6/7stone of dog about to launch itself at him!!

    we seem to attract trouble up that park and so fed up for my dogs they are so good but manny was starting to hate going as nearly everytime he had a bad experience cos someones dog was out of control!!

    so my dogs dont fall into any of her categorys but i still find it a pita!!


    Typed response & it, too, disappeared.  Will take more than that to discourage me. LOL  So here we go.. 

    Bev, gotta love ya. My protection is metal stick & pepper spray.  Have asked dog trainer best ways to use metal stick. Would not carry a gun although legal if holstered “in plain sight” cuz live in suburbs of single, detached houses…bullets can richoche, accidentally hitting innocent person…so not good idea IMO. 

    Maybe dif world over here, but there are dogs who attack & kill other dogs & occasionally their owners while same are walking in their own neighborhoods.  Dogs who attack are usually dogs who spend most or all of their time in back yard.  But not always…have been times when dog’s owner or their child opens front door & aggressive dog comes charging out.  But usually dog climbs or jumps his back garden fence & charges innocent dog being walked on leash by owner.  Frequently attacking dog has seen walking dog go by their house before, but this time he decides to come over fence & attack.  There’s dogs all over neighborhood who bark from their back yards or front windows.  No way to know which dog will someday kill your dog & either hurt you or kill you while trying to save your dog’s life.  When it happens, these dogs are not bluffing.  They charge you in a sudden attack & once they knock you off your feet or if you go to ground to cover your dog as many people have done, the attacking dog then goes for your face or throat…anything to get at your dog, which is what they really want.  This is not a dog fight.  This is a full on attack & unpreventable by walking person…more often than not, a woman.  Woman goes to hospital (tho occasionally dies), her dog either dies at scene or is taken to vets for surgery & care.  Hopefully dog lives.  Sometimes not. 

    Another problem w/these aggressive dogs is that they sometimes climb or jump their chain link fence (or pull their stake out of the ground if they live on a chain in back garden) that separates them from their next door neighbor’s dogs.  They attack & frequently kill their neighbor’s dog even tho they have seen them many times before.  I am having this problem now.  Dog of very strong breed moved in next door several months ago at age 6 months.  Immediately she decided she did not like my dogs, barking & snarling.  Goofy, friendly Fraggle wagging his tail with relaxed body position. 

    Hoped since just a puppy, she would grow to like Fraggle & Brady (who mostly either stands behind Fraggle or walks off & ignores).  Now it’s several months later…dog bigger, stronger, more aggressive than ever.  Hates Fraggle the most.  Fraggle in love w/her…has no clue, still wags his tail & play bows…wants to play chase up & down fence, also meet & greet like he does w/back neighbors friendly dogs.  Fraggle & Brady in back garden only small part of day, but feel like I now have to go out w/them even when I don’t want to.  Very inconvenient to me.  What good is my fenced garden if I have to escort in cold, rain, pajamas?

    So I have to have 7 foot wooden fence installed in January when flowers are completely dormant as they will be trampled during installation.  I can in no way afford this.  I am of modest means, which is nothing shameful in this country as long as one works & makes one’s own way.  I sacrifice other things in order to have my dogs groomed on regular basis cuz washed dogs are my priority.  Yes, clean freak, I know.  This just me…hold no judgement of others.

    I have no problem w/trained dogs off leash in public park.  Problem is vast majority of people do not train their dogs & still want to have their dogs off leash.  They like owner of dog circling Uno.  They like owner of choc lab.  They like owner of American bulldog (twice?? what was owner’s reaction/reply?).  Dogless people & people w/dogs on leashes would be run out of park if there wasn’t a strict park rule that dogs must be leashed.  Just like in Suz’s case.  This park is calm, relaxing, safe…never once seen a dog fight or even a tussle…nobody gets attacked or even bitten.  Children & dogs (Re Manny) aren’t afraid. 

    There are fenced dog parks for dogs to play, tho not nearly enuf & you have to drive a ways.  Other than that, it’s go out to the country & find land owner or farmer willing to let you hike w/your dogs off leash.  Even then, one has to remember there are coyotes about & some are losing their fear of humans as their populations increase & they move closer to where humans live..that’s a whole other story…

    Believe me when I say people here don’t train their dogs & they do not use good judgement when it comes to protecting others from their dogs.  So all dogs get leashed in the park I go to…I don’t go to parks where people don’t follow that.  And my dogs & I always have a positive experience at the park.



    I have had a few experiances of over friendly dogs and thier owners. There have been quite a few times that Ive been out with Stan off leash and a hyperactive dog starts bounding over, recal Stan have him at heal, ask owner to recal thier dog “but he only wants to say hello” :crazy: (meanwhile Stan has hackles up, ears foward, looking between me and hypo dog but very good and stays by side) ask owner again to recall dog, still no good. Hypo dog bounding round me and Stan, tell Stan ignore and stay by side, he does but then hypo dog punces on Stan, well he had enough snaps a warning at dog and sends it on its way. owner shouts “that dog should have a muzzle, hes dangerouse”  :what:
    My boy is not dangerouse just gets fed up, didnt leave a mark or even make contact with the dog and I know that some people might disagree but Im not going to tell him off for standing his ground and telling the other dog to do what the owner didnt.

    Ive also been on the recieving end of teratorial dogs and were it was just after Stan had had an operation I had to take a stand.
    Just around the corner from my place is a builders yard and they have 2 Fratze type dogs, they came bounding out of yard onto public street, I stood between them and Stan and in a low voice growled “NO” and stamped my foot. Thankfully that was all that was needed to turn them away and I could carry on.

    My oppinion is that these over friendly dogs are just as dangerouse as a dog that bites and if the owners cant be bothered or dont want to train them then keep them on a leash and away from others unless asked.

    I hope that this article might make some people realise what they are doing but I truelly dont think it will


    contagious diseases……errmmmm if dog is contagious then shouldnt be out !!!!!!!

    it a NAFF article….


    Number 1 on my list of Dumb dog accompanied by Dumber owner: at the time i had a Bouvier and Groenendaeler.( Wodan was still a pup.) Saw mrs.Dumber in the distance with her 2 dogs. A rough Collie, nice calm dog on lead and a Golden Retriever who i named ‘Dumb’ OFF lead. (we had met the 2 dogs several times befor with Mrs. dumber’s hubbs… His and mine clearly didn’t like eachother. )
    Golden came running out of control towards us. I wanted the message to be short and clear so i yelled ‘recall him, mine don’t play’. Mrs. Dumber yelled back ‘that’s OK, mine DOES!

    Sec later, Golden on the ground with my Bouvier holding him down by the throat  :surprise:  Woman going insane, yelling, trampling around the 2 fighting dogs…
    No serious physical damage, good thing the Golden had a thick leather collar on. And another good thing was that i though my Bouvier ‘let go’ really well.


    good job mrs dumb wasnt walking a dog with….

    contagious disease……errmmmm if dog is contagious then shouldnt be out !!!!!!!

    mind the story of brose and ami and the dobie…and the idiot owner…please recall your dog…full field away  ::)  no point he wont come  ::) ::) ::)
    he went onto ami….brose went onto a testical…swear to doG i heard it pop….

    it not the message as such…it just NAFF article…

    and yep frag…ok you in a different world…a world i could not live in…our gas and electric metre readers carry pepper spray…and i have told them…they use it on my dogs?? when they alerting/mouthing off to warn of stranger on property??  then they will lose a testical….from my right foot….

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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