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    i have just voluntiared at one of my local rescues and the lady that runs it doesnt have time to organise fundraising or anything so i wanted to find out want it would take to organise fundraising or events for the rescue


    What sort of fundraising are you thinking of doing?


    uurrmmm maye hold homing events, to get the public seeing the dogs. maybe some fundraising to help with feeding costs ect

    im not to sure as ive never done any fundraising before or anything like that just thought i would see whaat it would involve 🙂



    well done kerrie !!

    often used fundraising idea’s

    – open days
    – tabletop sales
    – sponsored whatever
    – car boot sales
    – online auctions
    – online “dog shows”

    If you want to go for least outlay and least organising then – do something personal (walk round the island on stilts or something else mad ??) and get ppl to sponsor you.  Then you just need to collect sponsors and you could publicise your “starting point” on local radio and drum up a few more sponsors there ?


    An online dog show – you can have classes just like a regular compaion dog show

    have grouped together classes for pedigrees

    think about what breeds we have on the board – could you do AV Sporting / AV Non Sporting or would you need to split them down further (e.g. there are tons of pastorals and hpfr dogs on here – well it always seem so !!)

    maybe get some affixed judges to just make it a bit more “official” … we have a few 😀

    and some fun for anyone

    prettiest bitch
    handsome dog
    best brace
    best NI brace
    best movement (video)
    best trick (video)
    most obedient
    best “out-take” (coz i bet there’ll be some crackers for a giggle)
    best poopie
    best litter (maybe must be KC + tested etc …)

    that sort of thing anyway – pay i dunno £1 per class and for instance – give “virtual” rosettes for 1-3 place that ppl can take away to put on their signatures on whatever forum they’re on or print and put in the rosette cupboard – say maybe something like you’ll get the lady who did my drawings to do a cameo of BIS as they are excellent and a reasonable outlay as a big prize ?

    for open days – alot of people have tabletop stuff and carboots aswell £5 for a car £8 for a van is the going rate here if they have some land.  you need to organise a time (that might clash with something big on the island to get ppl in) place (near alot of ppl) and businesses to come – encourage anyone local say they can have a stall there for £5 (maybe £3 for local to encourage them) plus a donation to the rescue ?

    just some thoughts …..


    i do like the idea of a dog show, might save that for when it gets a bit warmer though

    with the online dog shows though how would i persuade people that it is for a genuine rescue and not just me trying to get money, also how would i find a judge to do it(unless anyone on here would ;D )?

    also i go to the local P@H with my dog trainer once a month (or there abouts) for demos so do you think it is worth asking them if i could take a rescue dog along with me and some flyers

    tabletop/ carboot sales, because we would have to rent somewere to do them, do some people give discounts if it is for a rescue?


    why dont you do an online auction on here after chrimbo ?  sure if we all donated a fing we could raise some money – speak to mods see if possible  ???



    our P@H have posters of local rescue dogs up and a collection point to drop in food and blankets – those things might help ?

    they also allow collections outside the store too 🙂

    also look on TRPD and get yourself registered as a rescue rep – if you join in you’ll be able to get free stuff for your rescue and buy stuff at good prices too 🙂

    Claire x

    p.s. mudgies idea good too 🙂

    i’ll definately donate something and so will harry !


    e.g. “i need a home” collars and leads 🙂

    also – a coat like marks cass has would be useful to draw attention when i enquired about INAH coats they were doing a run and offered me one at a low price 🙂

    claire x


    Or you could create a forum and do something like this:

    We are raising money for several rescues, this is the second year this has run too  🙂


    I definately think a seperate forum is a good idea – would be easier for you to oversee because you cant mod stuff on here. But you could advertise it on here and of course we would join – am sure I could find half a dozen things to put up.

    Worth pming uhm tracy? comeon someone whats the name of the lady with the mastiffs or who does the fundraising for those type of breeds? Have participated in her fundraising before and she runs it well and they normally do very well, am sure she could help point you in the right direction for an online fundrasiing.


    😮 😮 wow just a few ideas ;D

    claire whats TRPD and i did think about a coat or something to show they need a home

    suz, izzie the rescue center already has a website so do you think it is worth talking to the lady and getting her to put a forum bit on the website or set up a different website for the forum

    mudgie i love that idea but im not sure who the mods are (so dont know who to ask)…if any mods see this can i please? ;D ;D


    by mods she means val bev me or izzie – but it would also have to be run past colin.

    however i still think a sperate forum for an online auction – simply because any modding would have to be done by us you couldnt do it yourself, would need a new area of the forum i would think to ensure it ran properly – in my opinion far better to set up your own forum and do it that way, but stick a few posts up here asking for items to be donated, am sure everyone has something, they can then pay the postage themselves (unless very heavy) which helps contribute towards the fundraising (ie as few costs taken out of the funds raised as possible, is plenty of places to do a free forum. PM me kerrie am happy to help  🙂 if your about pm me tonight cos am not doing much except coursework!


    :ok: have PMed you


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=13299.msg255525#msg255525 date=1229892156]
    by mods she means val bev me or izzie – but it would also have to be run past colin.

    And Nat! dont forget Nat!  :nono:


    😀 😀

    suz is helping me set up a site now ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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