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    i think im becoming paranoid :-\

    last year at the start of stans tummy probs he started doing a funny glurgling sound, then he didnt do it for a while.
    last week he started doing the glurgling sounds again and every now and then he will do a funny sucking in through his teeth type thing

    now im worried because Mattie used to do the funny sucking air through his teeth thing (or similaire) so im getting a little paranoide now.

    any ideas as to what it may be?


    no ideas ???


    no idea sorry kerrie :-\


    Sounds like he has wind 😉
    Does he bolt his food or eat more steadily?
    If he bolts it as fast as he can then he will swallow more air, does he fart a lot ;D
    You can buy special bowls to slow them down while eating


    i wouldn’t worry to much about the tummy gurgling, my girls get that some time. it did freaked me out when i first heard it. but they don’t get the runs or anything so im not concerned

    when you say he sucks through his teeth is this when he is sleeping and both Inca and Echo suckle in their sleep. i think they are just dreaming.


    its not his tummy thats glurgling (well sometimes 🙂 ) its like hes making the noise in the back of his throught, almost like he is trying to hack something back up, also sometimes when he swallows as he swallows his head jerks

    if that makes sence


    oh OK then. dose it happen when he is eating or after or just randomly. what about if he has been running about.


    he does do it after meals but he sometimes does it other times


    Have you checked his throat?
    Has he chewed anything he shouldn’t?
    Any other symptoms ???


    have checked his mouth and throught, hasnt eaten anything he should (at least im sure he hasnt) and it comes and goes he doesnt have/do it all the time. he was doing it more when he was having eating bones, at the moment he is only having marrow bones and isnt doing it very much
    could it have been the eating bones?


    Could be little fragments of bone, as he chews small bits stick to his mouth and throat ???
    Perhaps Val will have an idea what’s causing it 😉


    stan is walfing down his food and i think that is what is causing his funny gurgling thing, ive been mixing lots of water with his food so its more like slop and he has been ok (hes had to eat it slowly) but is there any thing els i can do to stop him from walfing his food down


    you could try:
    Scatter it on the lawn/patio
    Seperate it into smaller sections (small bits at a time)
    Stuff it in a Kong


    Stick a large stone in his bowl so he has to eat round it or you can buy special bowls–Brake-Fast-Bowls–brake-fast-bowl—dogs


    I had a brake fast bowl and have to say it was really good! Quite pricey. We had to get it as Ollie would finish his food in about 15 seconds! Used to add water before that and that worked until he got used to it!
    He soon stopped bolting when using the bowl and we no longer use it now! Friemd of mine is trying it but if it doesnt work i’ll gladly send it to you for a try out.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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