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Hes home!

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    Blimey what a day1 took 4 hours to get there – 8 hours to get back traffic was atrocious!! but what a star he was on way home – snuggled down with my friend, we made one stop we had no choice but to put a lead and collar on him and see if hed do a wee – he happily wore the collar and did a wee, then slept rest of way home 😀

    He then got crated once id dropped my friend off – no problem such a good boy! he did do a poo in the crate but to be fair he cried and asked and i just didnt have a safe place to stop!!

    Hes met aeryn – absolutely fine!

    Honeys taught him a) dont steal my food b) dont jump on the sofa at me!!

    dexters treating him as id expect – he refusing to play, and we have instant respect from Fletcher, dex makes it very clear whats accepted and whats not with just a look – ad fletcher isnt stupid! so all good there too 😀

    He adores manny – they been playing lots – again as i epxected! got a couple pics which i will post.

    he met the catd – took no notice

    seen the rabbits – took no notice

    had lots to drink and had some food and now got all 3 boys settled on the sofa with me – hes watching tv!

    on way home

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]


    Awwww pooopie!  :-* :-*

    He lovely Suz  ;D


    awww bless him…puppy smells yummy x


    Puppy breath sigh  😀


    awww hes lovely ;D


    Very nice.  What a cutie!


    he got lovely puppy breath 😀

    hes just a dream – typical gundog though dont like being apart from me….we working on that he getting crated for the odd half hour spec when i know he tired and we ignoring any whinging,….hope that the right way to go about it!! we get about 5 mins whinging then he settles to sleep!

    good as gold in the car – he crated on back seat for now he brill with the dogs but hes so tiny he could easily get squashed!

    house traiing going ok – he not had a poo outside yet, but he doing them in the kitchen near back door – my fault for not waiting out there long enough! but he does the ask at the back door already and if he needs a wee he goes straight away so been able to reinforce that LOADS.

    he slet through from 11 til half 5, well he woke about half 3 i prob shoulda taken him out but i barely even remember it just a vauge memory of saying shsssh next thing it was half 5 so all good he went out for a wee then back to bed till 7!!

    manny adores him!!

    i love him to bits, if no one wants to play he amuses himself with toys – we reinforced that too 😉
    he will happily move on a lead and already stacks beautifully 😉 and comes when hes called – yes thats about the extent of training for me haha  :ok:


    [quote author=Val link=topic=16251.msg283580#msg283580 date=1325064102]
    Puppy breath sigh  😀
    [/quote][quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=16251.msg283579#msg283579 date=1325026966]
    awww bless him…puppy smells yummy x

    Love puppies :-*

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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