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hi everyone

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    hello hello xxx

    guess i got a lot to catch up on then  ::) 😛 😀

    but….please please take it slow  :canadian:

    had a bit of a tough year or 2 …but am back…so…any PM’s …will answer in time…any q on board ..will answer on board…in time  🙂

    guess i need a new banner  ::)

    and yep diesel…guess i lost the plot somewhere along the way lol  :what: :ok:

    i now got 1 girlie…ami of course
    and 3 boys…errmmm…well lets face it..if you going to be ill you might as well take it all to the limit lol…it makes one cope…well thats what i tell myself haha…did email you when i heard of your loss…blessings man…dont need anyone or you to tell me you still hurting xxxxx

    nice to be back

    val…sorry if i have let you down…really am…been in that deep dark place you talk about xxx

    suz….jeez hun….a babe and a zoo?? where you at girl lol…hope you well and happy

    sorry to have heard about  ‘all the over the bridges’…izz and claire have kept me updated and my thoughts have been with you all… know what i say…never gets any easier….but…they still there…just out the corner of your eye when you least expect it…

    so…bring it on folks… :ok:

    bev and mo…. and

    amilou…still the boss dog

    cubert….my big beast dafty dog perfect….in everyway…can trust him anywhere and with anyone…now highly cued (of course lol)  and came when i needed such a dog…

    percyperce….mmmmm will let izz explain how we got him…livs sister but Momums baby boy…he a shite  ::) i like him somedays …i love him maybe 1 time a month…he here..where else would he be  :surrender:

    tedtoo….well…we where we at when we had falkor, dextor, sam1, sam2, etc ect…he still alive…he battled the cancers without vet meds…poor lad now has cushings…but…he happy fed loved and in his last days/weeks/months…in the lap of the gods…

    hi everyone….bring it on…..slowly xxxxx


    Percey perce….

    Ok his story, he is actually Livia’s litterbrother, went to a young man who wanted his own dog, promised breeder that pup wouldnt be left for long periods, would go to training, etc etc.

    11months later Breeder gets a call, owner has handed over pup to his parents, but they couldnt cope. I tried to help to get them to get professional help, but they refused it. A few weeks later I get a call from breeder, could I possibly go fetch him, he has to come back.

    Neutered at 9 months old, very puppylike behaviour (never seen juvenile behaviour in a dog before) no recall, pulls on lead, basically left from the day he went with owner to get on with it.  >:( Resource gaurds, esp food.

    He came to me, counter surfed a loaf of bread, ran upstairs and growled at me and breeder, swopped the bread for some high value treats. He was underweight and small, smaller than livs. and very very femine looking. He was also underfed so was constantly hungry – hence the counter surfing.

    Stayed with me for a few days before Bev came down to assess and take him for remod. Because he was soo similar to Livs in looks, Mo fell hook line and sinker for him and he werent ever leaving!  :pray:


    Hello stranger ;D
    You have my sympathy, how is Nic and his wife?
    Life ain’t been too grand for me either but as they say what don’t kill you makes you stronger 😉


    haha iz…you forgot the bit about nearly losing my finger lol…

    lass…hi hun…have read your emails…sorry i didnt reply…have had updates re you and yours…just not been in a place to respond…..but have thought of you when you lost tam……soz….xxx

    nic and debs? well…am now a very proud granma…yeah yeah i know…not maternal unless a pup  :surprise: but….heyo we learn as we go  :happy:…..dylan is now 9 months nearly and a joy…he has helped to keep me going this last 9 months…a reason to fight for…he a chilled babe…just like nic was…have warned debbie lol

    pics on photobucket…still the same addy…Bev_052 password amilou



    Yep, you can tell that story

    And yes, everytime I see him, he pisses all over me!  :nono:


    DUH….ok ok was my mistake  :surrender:

    what area do i post it then…rescues…behaviour/training…shit bag (ops we dont have a shit bag area…soz… :canadian: )



    oh? and i forgot…my step grandad was a miserable..narky…grumpy …bully…obnoxious git…his name was percy….

    our percy was not percy…if you with me…but he needed a name in all honesty….it was kinda like ‘PERCY’ from the first minute…he so like……
    no balls
    all mouth
    bully but then run
    argue with ami (yeah right !!) then run
    try with cubes….(now look lado…lets talk about this cos she really a softie but you got to compromise)….ok rub….but…ok learn the hard way…
    breeder was thinking he a PTS pup….mo saw something i missed…he here…he stays….unless….

    anyone want him?    8)


    Very cute babe :-* :-*


    Hello Bev, good to see you back  🙂


    gracie…hi xx

    hows things…what you doing with yourselves…hugs to the girlie  :happy:


    Hiya bev 😀 i am fine!! life is good. Aeryn just turned a year sunday just gone – shes a princess, my twin had her little boy in january – i say little hes twice the size of aeryn despit ebeing 3 months younger lol! my little sis just had her first baby today 😀 little tommy again i say little he was 8lbs 6oz and is totally gorgeous!!

    The dogs are good, honey is honey, she is on a sleepover tonight with my bestest friend – she does that, she decided when and we just let her – shes happy, shes nearly 12 now!! but shes well like really well!! She plays lots too – shes not boss dog really any more!

    Dex is AMAZING he is my bestest boy 😉 he also tells honey off if she trys to eat his food, he keeps order in the household, i love him to bits !

    Manny………manny is a pain in the arse, hes naughty he doesnt do as hes told, his theory in life is why walk when you can bounce about like flippin tigger, i can tell him a thousand times NOT to do something and he will still go do it……but i love him and him and dex – bestest buddies, to the point they hate to be apart….and aeryn loves manny……she feeds him – its a wonder hes not fat haha!!

    the cats and rabbits would fill a post on their own 😀

    and im working part time again, which is great

    is good to see you back 😀


    Ohhh and mum and dad have a new dog – little jack russel cross shih tzu called scruffy – he was a little shit when she got him – but hes a funny little thing, they well we all still miss buster terribly, been over a year but still makes me sad, but they adore scruffy now!


    hi hun…how things change  😀

    glad you all ok and that honey is doing well….would be nice to see a pic of her now


    Well helllloooooooo Mrs  ;D soooo good to see you back  :ok: have emailed you a couple of times  :-\

    Sky’s doing fab, she my little darling… bit temperamental with some dogs but we manage it  🙂 She’s an absolute dream with kids and we love her to bits!! Talking of kids Ellis has just turned 12!!!  ::) Scary huh  :gum:

    Great to have you back  :-* Love to Mo and the gang  🙂


    [img width=351 height=468][/img]

    there ya go that was taken last week so about as recent as you can get! she gets a bit stiff nowadays and doesnt hear so good ands got the start of cataracts in both eyes so she dont go off her lead as much as she does tend to wander off then i end up going after her with the buggy lol! but otherwise shes great touch wood!

    all 3 come to work with me the 3 days i work they love it – done manny good, he got attacked by an american bulldog – TWICE and he got really nervous and yappy and just a general nightmare but hes doing much better – though being chased out the park by a bloody bernese the other day didnt help much !!

    oh yeah and looking at that pic reminded me- honeys now missing a front tooth, my friends 15 week old ( at the time) chihuahua tried to take her biscuit, she swung round to tell him off, they clashed heads, it fractured his skull and damaged her tooth that much it fell out!!! he nearly died it was awful!! hes fine now be it with a huge lump in his skull – he doesnt take her chews now though 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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