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House training??

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    Hello All,

    I was hoping someone can help me to help a friend with a young Staff pup.  she is trying to house train her but she keeps missing the pads she is using and no matter what she cleans the floor with she still keeps weeing in the same place over and over again.

    I remember reading on here before that if you use washing powder it gets rid of the smell and stops them weeing in the same spot over and over…only thing is I cant find the thread and I cant remember if it was non-bio or bio that was recommended?!?!

    Does anyone know??  If so can you please let me know so I can pass it on to her??




    Up and out after sleeps, play, feeding and drinking, once going big praise and inside for a play.

    Bio washing powder or white wine vinegar will stop her from peeing in the same place.

    put a used pad outside, so that she uses that. Puppy pads do actually make training longer and harder.


    Cut down the space the pup has ie one or two rooms and dump the pads



    I have told her to dump the pads but she doesnt listen to wot I say so I have given up telling her!!  She lives in a flat with no garden the pup isnt old enough to go out yet.

    I just wanted to know which washing powder it was to get the smell out so she wont keep using the same place!!  I think she is too lazy to house train her poor puppy as I was told by someone else who has known her langer than me that this isnt the first dog she’s had.  She gets a dog expects it to house train itself and then gets rid.

    I didnt know this until after I started this thread.  She started a thread on a group on facebook that I use and she was given some very good advice but she doesnt seem to want to actually do it.


    If she lives in a flat with no garden she hasn’t a hope in hell of training this pup they are never to young to go out in a garden
    Horse and water come to mind


    I agree Val, I told her that she needs to be able to go out to be able to train her not to do it in the house, unfortunately she is one of those ppl who expects her puppy to just KNOW not to toilet in the house!!  I appreciate everyone commenting but she is a lost cause and I feel sorry for her pup coz she will be rehoming her soon and looking for a different dog, coz apparently thats what she does.  Its very sad  :'(


    No doubt this will end in another Staffie in rescue grrrrr!!!  >:(  >:(  >:(


    [quote author=*Nat* link=topic=15997.msg280496#msg280496 date=1312796152]
    No doubt this will end in another Staffie in rescue grrrrr!!!  >:(  >:(  >:(

    I hate to say it but yes I think ya might be right.  I might be taking on a puppy girl staffy at the end of the month I am going to go have a look tomorrow.  I hate ppl who ask for advice and then dont listen to it!!  I bent over backwards to try and help even pointed in the direction of this site but she has obvously not bothered.  Makes me so mad.  :boooo:


    My friend is having exactly the same problem with her new puppy. She lives in a flat, and has access to a shared courtyard, but is finding house training very hard, as the she says “the pup doesn’t tell her when she wants to go out!!!”.
    I have given up trying to advise her – i am a strong believer in toilet time after sleeping, eating, playing and drinking, and definately not rubbing your puppy’s face in its accidents, and loads of praise when it does its stuff outside, but my friend thinks i am barmy!!! She says it shouldnt be that much hard work, but i say if you put in the work, you get the benefits quicker. Its sooooo frustrating, and the sad fact of the matter is that this pup will also end up being re-homed through no fault of her own. I know people have dogs in flats and thats cool as long as they commit to making sure the dogs go out for lots of lovely walks, but i am stumped as to how house training can be done effectively in this sort of living situation – i wish people would think before going out and buying a puppy. I hope your friend gets her staffie sorted xxx

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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