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How are you greeted when you come home?

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    I love coming home from work to my smelly relly  :yes: he always makes my day 100 times better  :yes:
    It always goes like this…

    key in door – cue sound of fritz flopping off the sofa and stretching

    open door to lounge –  Fritz dives on nearest toy / sock / object and gets it in mouth.. bum going wiggle like the clappers… object immediately dropped so he can shove snout in my nag and sniff out if I have anything for him  😀  lots of spinning and whining and yipping and then once established that mummy has no new  toys or food for him he jumps on R for big boy cuddles

    I always get the ‘what have you got me’ routine – cracks me up.. snout in and BIG sniffs  ;D  ;D

    what do yours always do?


    Trixie is first to greet, running up and down the hall, round the back of you to get inbetween the legs, then sits there wanting a fuss!

    Jess comes up and nose is stuck to legs, as she sniffs for a looong time, I can walk all the way through the house with her stuck to my leg, bum wiggles and a silly grin on her face too!  😀 😀


    stan either does:

    laying on the sofa and gives the “i know i shouldnt be on here but never mind” look


    when i unlock the inside door he will jump off the sofa, grab bone/toy, come and say hi to me with tail going so much he looks like hes about to take off :D, then strutts around the flat with bone/toy still in mouth untill i sit down ;D


    Smiles waggy bums running rouond & round with a sock or shoe in mouth, then a lean from my boy :-*


    I’m greeted with a big waggie bum and the nearest shoe available in her mouth  ;D


    [quote author=jaydex link=topic=13217.msg254349#msg254349 date=1228847009]
    Smiles waggy bums running rouond & round with a sock or shoe in mouth, then a lean from my boy :-*

    Lol that’s so familiar 😀 Always given a shoe but instead of a lean I get her bum pushed into my leg  ;D


    Tam bounces up and down on the spot and barks wagging his tail and wanting a bum rub then straight to the treatie  box.
    Willow makes a funny noise that only Roughs can, pawing my leg, trying to put her head between my legs so I can rub her tum. Nuzzling up to me wanting cuddles – really OTT. You would think I had left her for at least a month ::)


    hehe !!

    bonnie opens one eye from chief spot on the sofa and wills usually jumps down and stretches and skittles about wanting to follow me.

    now … the greeting aunty bev gets …. thats a completely different story

    claire x


    oh yes… once Fritz realises it’s Aunty Bev theres a different reaction  😀  😀


    haha !!

    yep wills and bonnie charge about barking dont obey 1 single cue trample bev once she sits down squeal whine nudge bring toys you name it ….. basically transform into mental nutter proper collies for the whole time shes here then transform back to lazy slobs the moment shes gone !!!

    claire x


    During the day if I pop in – no greeting my get an eye open otherwise I may as well have not come in.

    Home at night – 9 times out of 10 she will come and give waggy bum hello.


    i get screamed at by dodge. Lots of bounding around, hopping around like a kangaroo. Hes just recently started to fly up the stairs while screaming touch the wall at the top and throw himself back down the stairs probably only touching a few steps as he goes ::) he goes up and down like that for a couple of mins before nuzzling his head into my side still screaming his head off 😀

    every morning when i leave the house he sits up on his bay window and just watches me leave… will lie there pretty much all day just gazing out the window. He’s always there when i get home :yes: it his watch tower…


    With 7 dogs in the house they are in their own areas (7 dogs owned between 3 people!) but it goes something like this…..

    Casper (GSD) lets out a girly whine/howl
    Tegan (GSD) stands patiently in the kitchen tail wagging
    Dolfi (Rottie bitch) makes the strangest whine/groan/moan/chatty noises while picking up the nearest thing and walking around – the minute you put one hand on her for a stroke the noise disappears, she also likes a good cuddle
    Odin (Rottie) greets me at the front door – he wiggles/bounces up and down (he knows he’s not allowed to jump up unless asked) and then gently holds your sleeve until he gets a cuddle – sometimes he wee’s if he’s real excited lol!
    Squidge (Staffie) runs around in circles barging her way in for a fuss then promptly plonks herself on the sofa until things quieten down and she has a cuddle.
    Loki (Akita) stands very still then starts wagging her tail and once you talk to her and stroke her she doesn’t need much encouragement before doing zoomies around the room oh and sometimes we get a welcome home howl!
    While this is going on the Leo puppy Summer jumps up and down hitting the kitchen door as hard as she possibly can….i’m sure my sis needs to put in more training ha ha!!!

    Oh and the cats run around your feet meowing for food and a fuss!

    It really is a mad house lol!!!


    Good question, if Alex and me seperately we get a jumpup and a dance with hand sniffing and licks followed by a playbow.  If I’m in and Alex comes home same thing but if Alex’s in and then I come in after work I get bark bark bark bark bark, it’s unstoppable, I’m sure now he’s trying to tell me that Alex hasn’t fed him yet!

    May start a new post on how much he’s barking at the mo as his shush cue still needs reinforcing


    Ahh, the flat-coat greeting!!

    More reserved for my fella, and my dad, who he ADORES (mum doesn’t let him get away with so much!)…

    The singing starts, along with frantic wagging from the tip of his tail right up to his shoulders, running on the spot, then he runs to get a toy (so he can sing all the louder)  “rooo roooo roooo rooo roo!”  Then running between their legs so he can get his sides rubbed, whereupon “rooo rooo” turns to “oh yeah, that’s the spot” noises!

    And much running around in circles, and doing little half jumps up on his back legs.

    Then there’s the licking.  All over.  Any part of the body, especially wrists, and putting hands in his mouth.

    I really should video it and send it off to you’ve been framed.  He’s such a silly boy!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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