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I’m back

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    Well  ::) sort of, for a few days  😀 .
    Was on holiday. What i’ve been doing? Been to amuzement parcs, fishing, forrest, been all over the country, sky diving, all fun and….

    been to vet with Diesel…. Twice  🙁 .
    During this heat -was 30° here- when even the birds hid in the trees from the sun, my little black Belgian b.gger wanted to playplayplay  ::) . All of sudden when he just picked up his ball  😮 …….. it looked like as if he was having a seisure  :'( . Was very scary to see him like that. He was over obviously in pain, either walking on only 2 hind legs or 2 front legs. (never befor saw a dog walk only on front legs with 2 back legs in the air). When he calmed down little he sticking to my leg like glue, he wanted to vomit constantly but nothing else than slime came out. And he couldn’t walk without falling. Looked like as if from the waist he was almost paralized. When Wodan came to take a look Diesel wanted to attack him, wanted to have a go at Wodan sooo bad that he was growling visiously like never before and even produced white foam on his mouth, but couldnt even stand or take a step cause the back end refused to work with him. Wodan just stood there but Diesel crawling to wodan. So i picked him up ==>Straight to our vet. Lucky we not thàt far from home that day. This could NOT be good. At vets…  ??? Diesel good as new. Didn’t understand. Nothing was wrong no more but was thursty thursty thursty. I thought ‘there you have it  ::) , little idiot got a sunstroke. Should have listened to me, not play in sun when it’s 30°. Only 1 idiot that will even play aaaaall by himself out of boredom, and thàt idiot has to be 1 of mine >:( . Vet said, no, no sunstroke, so….. Search, look, poke, made him vomit…. Result? Semi digested wasp came out…Diesel was probably stung in stomach by wasp. He must have just swallowed it. Vet said; ‘boy lucky, not allergic and doing very well. He must have some pretty strong stomachacid’. (must be the raw food he gets 😉 ) Gave some medication to make sure and said if he has àny trouble to come back imediatly.

    4 days later… Diesel same seisure==> back to vet. Once again lucky not being far from home. It hàd to be something else. Search, look, poke again….. Made him vomit again… Out came a half digested wasp… sigh ….again  ::) . He not learned anything the first time :-X . Diesel fine now. But still trying to chase any kind of buzzbuzzbugs  ::) .

    Who does Diesel take after? Right, me  😛 .
    Been to hospital myself…twice  ::) .
    Was playing with inlaws’ cocker spaniel. It’s a girl. Now remember why i don’t have girldogs  ::) . Wodan wanted attention too. Little bitch didn’t like that. Bit me e-ve-ry time i turned my head away from her to one of the boys. Little bitch, remember? So i not impressed by little cocker teeth, certainly not by a girl  ;D .
    Until she bit me in the hand out of jalousy rrrrealy hard and hung on. Grrrreat  >:( ! Needed stitches ::) . At hospital nurse stitching, saw scars on my arms, knees, shins and hands; ‘You seem to have lot of scars already’ she said. I said yep here and here, here, here, here, here…. I being proud of them but her face was saying; ‘stay on your farm dude, you’re a walking accident en persona  😮 ‘ , hahaha  😀 .

    Few days later was playing wrestling with the boys when we went fishing. Fish not biting i was getting bored. Favourite game is when they try to lock their jaws around my scull. ( but my head to big  ::) )
    Usualy they make those funny noises. Growling with a very high sound and a very low volume. Almost like wispered growls.
    So they going for my head. While Wodan as usual was trying to stick his tongue up my nostrills/eyes/mouth/ears, so i made a sudden move to keep him from doing that, just as Diesel jumped on me and…..  ::) 3 of Diesel’s fangs sank in my head. Bleeding like a pig to nearest hospital. ‘what happend mister?’
    I answered ‘uhmmm, got stuck with my head in a dog’s mouth’. You should have seen the nurse’s face bwahahahahahaha  😀 , i love shocking people like that  >:D .  Specially when she asked what i did with my hand that was still in bandage. Said it got stuck too, but different mouth. Her face  😮 hahahaha, priceless  😀 .

    Even my daughter said; papa, you and Diesel 2 of a kind. You 2 always in trouble.
    Oh well, another holiday coming shortly, so if i’m not here again, we are trying to stay out of trouble…. and trying very hard this time hahaha  😀 .  After all this in just under 2 weeks i realy long for a boring week of nothing.


    Diesel 😮 ;D
    Nice to see you back for a visit ;D
    You must find a better hobby than sticking your body parts in dog’s mouths >:D
    Glad your little boy Diesel is OK, that must have been scary 😮


    Woah Diesel you’ve had an eventful time  😮 am glad Diesel dog is ok.. that sounds blummin scary.. and TWICE  😮  ::)

    So glad that you are ok too…  :-*


    It was scary  🙁 ! I knew it was not epilepsie, cause Thor had that, and this was NOTHING like it. Vet thinks he probably was in so much pain that his back end just refused due to the pain.
    Had a sting in my foot 2 years ago when i stepped on a wasp wearing no shoes or socks…. brother that hurt  ::) . To think you got THAT in your stomach…. Yeah, its a paralizing pain alright. A flaming paralizin pain. But twice.. He had to do it twice. And still chasing them  :-X .

    quote :

    You must find a better hobby than sticking your body parts in dog’s mouths  >:D

    I learn the hard way too  😉  😀 .


    . But twice.. He had to do it twice. And still chasing them

    He is MALE ::) >:D


    Glad Diesel Dog is ok :-* :-* :-*

    Nice to have you back, even for a short while ;D


    You crack me up Diesel 😀  you lot must have such fun as a family.

    Nasty buggers wasps I hate them, silly Diesel dog ::) glad he okay  though :-* :-*


    Nice to see you back will all your war wounds hope the lad doesn’t go for third time lucky  ::)


    Good to have you back, glad Diesels ok  ::)  :-*


    glad to hear dodger isn’t the only idiot who likes to chase and catch bee’s ::) ::)

    glad he’s alright though must have been really scary :-*


    glad hes ok :-*


    Have missed you – see you should just stick around here and keep out of trouble  😉  :-*

    Glad Diesel is ok – silly boy, only he could do it twice  ::) hugs to him , I am sure it was very scary  :-*  :-*


    sorry about pooch and his munching wasps  ::)  however the story about you and your repeated hospital visits made me laugh out loud  ;D


    oh wow i gotta say if my holidays were like that i’d stop having them  😀

    sp glad diesel is ok lets hope he doesn’t catch anymore  ::)


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=12156.msg234195#msg234195 date=1217778795]
    Have missed you – see you should just stick around here and keep out of trouble  😉  :-*
    You are probably right  ::) .
    Me 4 bruised ribs, bruised shoulder and am sitting on a donut cause my hurts. Jumping of the roof onto a trampoline after a drink or 2 with the mates… not good idea  >:( . But we did have a good laugh  😀 .
    3rd time wife had to drive me to emergency unit in 2 weeks. Next time she refuses to drive  ::) .

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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