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just having a moan

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    yup again – and here cos least you guys actually listen.

    soooo went to groom a pomeranian – turns out to be a german spitz, without a doubt even i know the difference bloody rescue centres and vets  ::) anyway lovely dog so no problem there.

    Text customer due tomorrow to remind her for the SECOND time – still no asnwer  >:(

    Come home and letter from bank a cheque has bounced  >:(  >:( my fault i knew her hubby had lost job should of insisted on cash – didnt think, ring her oh yeah she says got letter from the bank didnt know who it was – then she says am glad it was you and not someone else LIKE I DONT MATTER – BITCH and she better bring that money round tomorrow (no i am NOT going to collect it) or i will hunt her arse down  >:(  >:(  >:(

    and still havent heard from customer despite phonecalls and if i  turn up at hers tomorrow at 9am and shes not there i will NOT be held accountable for my actions – cos i will be one pissed off groomer  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

    ok better now  ;D

    oh except some arse is setting off fireworks so now Honeys all upset  ::)


    Aw Suz, that sucks  :-* :-*

    If the person who is meant to have her app tomorrow isnt there, send her an invoice for your inconvenience hon.  >:D

    Poor Honey, come see Aunty Izz, she will look after you sweetie :-* :-* :-*


    too damn right i will invoice her – then once i got my money she will get another letter telling her to find another groomer, too damn busy to be messed about – why is it that its ok to do it to a groomer like we dont matter, they never think they have to pa our cancellation fees yet they would if they did same to dentist etc etc – why can she not take a few minutes to reply to my texts when i have taken the time to remind her of an appointment she is big enough and ugly enough to fing well remember herself?  ???  ???


    Good, you need to be assertive with some people, just remember for every fool there is a nice person wanting your services and appreciates it!  :-* :-*

    I have been let down for people to go with to Discover dogs  :'( :'(


    aw Izzie I dont know maybe we could pick you up? want me to find out – we going to bordon or near there first to get her sister  -assuming we still going i dont know……….


    Its ok Suz, will meet you up there, hopefully!

    its only accross town for me on the underground.  :-*


    awww thats ok then long as your going  :ok: and will def meet you there!


    YAYYY!!! :ok: :ok:


    well the customer just got her arse fired she can go find some other mug to do her hairy spaniels and mess THEM about. got a text this morning 20 MINUTES before i was due there, saying, sorry only just looked at my phone been in hospital not well enough – rubbish she didnt come out this morning so was at home yesterday at least when i rang – very cross, am sorry shes ill of course i am but i am NOT a charity and i cannot afford to lose £54 in one fail swoop – so she now needs a new groomer  >:D

    on upside cos she cancelled i went shopping and asda had loads of deals on for chicken drumsticks and stuff like that – and the exhaust fell off on wway home so least i was able to go get it sorted quick  ;D


    they HAVENT put my money through the door – someone is is inches away from being fired as a customer and i will happily spread the word thats she bounces cheques………….incase you cant tell i am very very cross…………..

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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