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    Finally have internet back! move went great and we are all settled in!

    Not such good news with the fletchy boy – hes just gone on antibiotics ( high dose) to see if it clears his recurrent cough – he had it few weeks back – assumed KC it cleared – all my others are fine but now hes hacking again 🙁 vet said they are seeing cases of this happening, but if he no better monday they will take a chest xray when he goes in to have biopsys and bloods done to see whats up with his skin 🙁

    add to that he is back to the eye specialist tomorrow as since the op hes sufered horribly with yucky gunky eyes and only keeping him on maxitrol drops twice a day are keeping it at bay!

    Dex has had a skin flare up to but seriously think its just stress from the house move!

    manny touch wood is FINE!! and passed his silver good citizens last week despite missing two weeks of the course ( due to suspected KC with fletch) he was only one of two dogs in the whole class to pass it so i am SO SO proud of him!!


    Look the other way an sweet Suz always manages to stun us with big news lol  ;D .

    Great to hear you got your own place, sweetie  :-* .

    Hop Flech is doing better by now.


    Hey 😀 loving living here – still only renting but its a billion times nicer than where i was! and so close to my family its lovely.

    Fletch – no so good, hes had his biopsys done and bloods/skin scrapes just waiting for the results, has his eye op monday – chest xray was clear which is good, his coughs much better but still comes and goes!


    That sucks a little  🙁 . I hope they find out what is wrong with him soon, sweetie  :-*

    Have you got an opption in your contract that you could buy the place eventually if you’d like to?


    No i dont think i could ever afford to buy it – long as shes happy to rent it long term then im happy to 😀

    still NO idea whats wrong with fletch, hes on a real restricted diet – and totally flared up yesterday out the blue –  all his allergy tests are totally clear! its so fustrating x


    Yekyek that shhhhucks  :-\ . Have you got any idea what else it could be since the tests came back negative?
    I am so so sorry to hear he’s still not getting better on that. How’s Dex’s skin doing?

    Darn, sweetie, if someone would deserve a magic wand for Xmas, it’s you girl  :-* .


    no idea diesel – but is a slight improvement on the restricted diet……… maybe theres our solution !! i hope so! hes happy though, he loves all the visits to the vets!! hes still coughing to, but almost certain it not kennel cough vet checked his throat and said is no irritation………….weve even had a chest xray done – vet wondering now if its from over grooming – hair etc cos hes always chewing at his feet….so seeing now if it ties in with his skin flaring up!

    dexters skins all cleared up , almost certain its just stress with him bless him!

    and i think someone waved their magic wand because………..if my home check goes ok and the boys like her, after xmas i shall be bringing home a new rescue dog……………and its little and NOT fluffy – i know shock horror! is a little jack russell 😀 xx


    What????  :surprise: Suz and a…a…..a SHORThaired girl???? Next thing i know, i might come home with a puppy small enough to fit in my pint  ;D … Ohwaita minute  ::) … I did that  :canadian: bwahahahaha.

    Sometimes we change in the weirdest way to the weiredst things lol.


    hahaha i know, i almost cant believbe it myself dont even like jack russells but this ones pretty special 😉 how is your little pint dog?? xx


    My lill’pintpupper ;D , well he’s  ::) …..he’s  :whistle: …he’s ermmm  :ugly: …. A….. Handfull  :help: bwahahahahaha.

    He’s very inquisitive, extremely energetic, intensly curious,….(so far he’s like a little mini shep BUT….) , god does he luuurrrrve his own voice , is sooooo tiny and i swear he’s got a mind reading glass orb  😛 .

    He’s either under my shoe cause i missed looking at that square inch on the floor or i’m on my knees on the ground with him.

    The others…. When training they craved what was coming. The training itself was a reward, the treats were a highly desired bonus. This lil’man…. Does everything all together without a command thinking all treats will come at once cause he did it all already  :canadian: .

    To keep him focust on me UNTIL i tell him what to do i got to be at his level. Than he’s good as gold. Means me is on the floor a lot  :crazy: . We are working up to me standing and bending over far until i get to the point i can just stand up.

    On the streets i used to get in the middle of the my boys and whatever i wanted them to leave alone, but with my pintpupper…. I too big and he too small. Since he has a tendency to chase bikes,cars,joggers and stuff…. There was me infront of him almost sitting on the pavement lol. But a leave it is enough now so my pavement kissing days are over hahahaha.

    I thought i’d be up for a new pup, a bigboy again, soon but Odin is keeping me so occupied i don’t have the full time for another yet.
    He’s very smart, i am very curious to see just how far i can take this little one.

    Plus… With this weather it is soooo convenient that you can just put him in the sink to get washed bwahahaha. Aaaaand…. We are still working on the topknotthing. It’s coming….very slowly  ;D . Most days my fingeres just won’t cooperate, but sunshine and precious are doing a good job with his ‘facialhair’ lol.

    I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not but i think it’s a good thing that his breeder got him used to combs and brushes and hairdryers befor he was old enough to be picked up by us cause he just has it all done without any hassle. Wife is thinking about buying one of those hair straightning ironing things cause his hair is growing nicely now.

    Pintpupperpooch is being pampered like no dog of ours has been pampered befor. This 2,8 kilogram man is mentaly more work that 2 big sheps together. On the other hand he’s uncharted territory for me, which is so much fun for my shepbrain bwahahaha.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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