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need some advice plzzzzz

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    hi all i hope someone can help  max is 11 weeks old  and up till now has been wonderful , but over the last few days he has been relly bad .
    he has started nipping , runing around the house like mad , will not listen to us .  Any advice would be grateful  .
        thank you  rosex ???


    am sue there will be plenty of advice… what do you do /say when this happens? Also, what training have you done to date? And feeding.. what does he eat?  🙂


    I  think is cos iam off work this week and hes been on his own till now ?  up till now  we have been ok /
      he sits lyes down even wipes his feet when he comes in


    When you work how long is he left alone for?

    As xtine said what he is being fed on is also very important along with the training you have done to date 🙂


    Also something to consider is how long you’ve had him – if you got him at 6-8weeks, he’ll just be starting to come into his own now with his fabulous new family in his new home!  He’ll be growing in confidence (which is good – means you’re doing things right!) and also growing up a bit… they do nip (that link of sweetypye’s should help), and as they get bigger and stronger, those muscles keep needing more work – hence the running around the house like a mad dog!

    As he’s still too young to have had all his vax’s yet (I presume), you won’t be able to tire him out on a walk, but you certainly can tire him out with short play sessions, and tire that little brain of his out.  Good work on the sit/down and paw wiping!  But see that as a great start – try working on his recall, stay, anything like that – look through this site for ideas and it’s never too early to teach them stuff like that!!  Just make sure the trainng sessions are kept nice and short – 5 minutes ten times in the day is much better than 50 minutes all at once for a little ‘un.

    And lots of toys for him – try a puppy Kong (if he’s old enough – check the box) – it wa a lifesaver for me as it guaranteed me about 20 minutes blissful peace and quiet!

    (And keep us updated – we love hearing progress stories!)


    He is a springer he is just having a mad 5 minutes, its art and parcel of the puppy stage.

    Search through forhow to teach the leave it cue and dead cue.

    give him something to do to work his brain and chill him out for a bit.


    also – forget curing him of running round house for mad 5 mins …. he a springer its what they “do” 🙂

    i used bones to great effect to tire out worky collie puppies i have fostered 😀  he might yack it up to start with if he bolts it down so make sure you hold it to start and do “mine” “yours” etc …

    any more info you could possibly need is probably in “stickies” also have a look on threads by kizkiznobite with cubert in the title as she is a behaviourist going through learning with her new pup there is a video somewhere of her doing the “dead” cue with a puppy biting little puppy about same age as your boy.

    oh and good luck you must be crazy – a springer !!!! 🙂

    claire x


    max has had his jabs and been out walking everyday  hes been much calmer today  (i hope it last,slol)


    Sounds like a normal spaniel to me! ;D
    Take him to a good kind dog training class and do lots with him at home. Like the others said you need to keep his brain busy, stuffed kongs etc.


    I remember fritz racing round the house.. oh my doG!  😮 he was a real handful for that at times… soon stopped…  😉 we used to clear the floor and sit on the sofa till he stopped  😀

    It could be food blowing his brains?


    Rose what food is Max on???


    Hes on betta  lamb and rice  vet recormened it


    I don’t know that one… :- but vet recommended? Why so?


    thats what dodger came home with, i don’t like it at all

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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