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    Does anyone know what they actually do?  What is their “job”, what sort of things are they there to help with?  :-\


    i’ve had one before.

    Occupational therapists (OTs) actively engage people in purposeful activities to promote, regain or maintain health and wellbeing, using occupations as therapy and enabling individuals to do occupations. They work with children and adults of all ages, whose difficulties may be congenital or the result of an accident, illness, ageing or lifestyle.

    The OT assesses patients’ or clients’ physical, mental and/or social challenges and devises treatment programmes to increase their ability to tackle their difficulties independently. Treatment programmes vary greatly according to individual needs and may involve environmental modifications. OTs review treatment periodically, evaluate progress and modify the treatment as appropriate.

    she helped me plan my day, my week ahead, my month ahead, near future and long term future. She also helped me get a work placement to keep me active and engaging with people other than my dad and dogs ect. Over several months we created a book – pages on me, my life, my future plans, my hopes ect

    thoughout it all i was an lonely, depressed girl angry at everyone and thing so i didn’t really like her or the things she had me do 😀 but looking back i can see now they really helped me :yes:


    thanks jacqui and laura. just wondered what i had agreed to. and have a feeling it will annoy me.  >:D don’t suppose they come to work grievance hearings do they?  :-\


    no they cannot.

    I have also had OT – the idea is to make you feel like you are a useful member of the community again they usually deal with anger management and self esteem etc … and give you coping strategies.

    claire x


    Many firms like the one I work for have an Occi Health facility to which we refer our staff when they have musculoskeletal injuries/complaints.f

    OT is used rather than a GP as they should be more familiar with the specialist requirements of the workplace.

    We provide our service providers with a brief precis of all the tasks our workforce carry out so that when assessing them for fitness to work etc they can use that knowledge to determine what they can and cannot do either in the short or long term.

    A grievance is entirely different to a disciplinary and both are separate to any H & S concerns you may have.

    If you feel that you have incurred an Industrial Injury then I would strongly suggest that you contact a solicitor who, if necessary will provide a OT specialist to view the workplace, the risk assessments, SSOW (safe systems of work) training records and workstation layout etc to give advice.

    If the firm for whom you work does not have an in house OT then you could suggest that getting one in may be beneficial, to them……..

    If you want to pm me with more detail perhaps I can help you more……

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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