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premierk9nutrition says in response

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    Have moved here for now, as wasnt sure whether to delete or not


    Hmmm Id like it moved back – I am going to respond at some point by pm or through the board, that was aimed at me and is not on.


    Suz you a mod, you can move it back if you want to!

    just split the topic  😉 😉


    I dont want Val telling me off  😀 but I feel like I need to defend myself, but I dont want it turning into a stupid row……..I dont think many people saw it so it probably better off here. Is just I didnt actually say anything  😀 except logged his error of getting on his site and that Honey didnt need any of his supplements. PErsonally think he shoot himself in the foot – lets hope his sales technique is better than his attitude  >:D  😉


    You dont need to defend yourself at all  :-*

    Just thought it better to move now and let Val, Bev n Nat see it and make the desicion 🙂


    No it best here, would of turned into a slanging match if everyone had posted in it!

    Dont think Sue needs to see herself called a moron somehow!!


    seems sue didnt need to see the post – she recieved this pm  ::)

    I just came across your comments regarding my website I posted a response to you and your friend forgive though I thought you were a man I apologize for that, well PILLS for PUPPIES SUZ now that BS I think you need to go online ad look up BOB FRITZ Animal Naturals and see who reputation you have been soiling this has always been the problem with in the dog world, if you are well placed to speak about canine nutrition then you should do WHAT DO YOUR DOGS DO MAY I ASK, shutzhund, french ring sport, iron dog, weight pull, flyball, what? or does he/she them sleep all day and have know job,
    we cater for police dogs, military, k9 athletes for over 25 years where were you 25 years ago in the dog world. And how do you feel now that the industry is calling for thiese type of products because they have been leading the way pioneering humand grade nutrition no by product, waste or fillers supplements that compliment what ever you feed your dog bringing out the hidden potential by breaking down the foog aiding absorbtion of nutrients how well place are you to comment, and now look at all the dog food recalls I bet you have a big bag of crap ready for your dog, some of us see our four legged family members as just that we dont give them second best we give the best just like we do for our two legged family members. I WILL LET YOU AND SUZ JUDGE WHO HAS THE PHYSICALLY GREATER DOG mine is on my home page NOW LET SEE YOUR SPECIMINS and see if they can measure up I bet you anything you like you have never swwn a better looking dog then mine have you and that little green monster is rearing its head

    However most of the rantings at me and I didnt get a pm –  >:D big bag of crap indeed  :tease:

    However can concede his dog probably is a physically greater specimen, Honey wasnt made to ‘work  ::) but heavens you have no idea how JEALOUS I am  >:D  😉

    Know what though  -giggling away over this cos I know and so do all you guys, how much work ive put into feeding Honey – he couldnt of picked a worse person to pull that rubbish on just so far from the truth, he just has NO idea  ::)


    ::) ::)

    Tell Sue to send him my way….His dog isnt all that at all IMO  :tease:


    lol not seen his dog. Sues ignored him well i think shes answered that pm but will ignore any future ones  :-*


    Stick it back on the board if you want too girls, his arrogance could well be his downfall  ;D


    ok doing it now  ;D


    Enjoy!  :ok:


    I would like to bet he doesnt reply  :yes:

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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