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    i would like people to become aware of the proposed dog control orders in which conwy county borough council  north wales would like to impose. these said orders will reduce the amount of areas in which a dog can run free and play off a lead. All areas are either an exclusion zone or a dog lead zone. for more information please visit…
    we have until 10th march to make representations.
    thanks very much


    we have just had the same order announced in manchester area. no dogs allowed off lead or on a lead longer than 2 meters in most areas.
    Also, if your dog is free running in an area where no exlusions are in place, you can be asked to leash your dog, if you dont, you face a heavy fine


    These orders will in time go throughout the country – so we need to make the effort to be heard. Why should WE responsible dog owners be penalised again. If you read the orders, exclusion areas are in your local parks – you wil lnot be allowed on all open marked play areas.
    If we can rally support to help each county throughout the country and pass the word on through facebook, dog training clubs and your friends we can all send letters of objections to each others areas.
    We are a tourist area – who is to say you as a visitor here cannot voice your opinion.
    If you visit news page you can see what we are trying to do here. You support us in our figt and we will support you. Get in touch will your local councillors and raise your objection  send an individual letter to our council so that they are inundated with objections.

    FIGHT THEM LOCALLY , FIGHT THEM NATIONALLY – If interested e mail your letter through the web site.
    Thanks for reading


    The debate over dog control orders was passed into law by Parliament in 2005.
    The only way to fight is at Council Level but as you have missed the boat Nationally you may well be too late locally you can batter the hell out of them but you need numbers.
    This will not affect all councils because some of us got off our butts and did a lot of campaigning lobbying flyers get the papers involved i.e.; the new forest we also seem for now to have put a stop to the councilors down here on the south coast thinking they can get away with their little plans.

    The last time they tried this is the sort of campaign that is needed

    Quote from the Daily Echo
    Dog owners are no strangers to fighting for their rights.

    In 2001 more than 2,000 people brought Lyndhurst to a standstill as they refused to accept a ruling that banned dogs from running free in the New Forest.

    The order had been implemented in a bid to prevent the spread of foot and mouth and was not lifted even though other precautionary measures had been scrapped.

    It prompted one of the biggest turnouts ever seen by a pressure group in the district and the Lyndhurst Park Hotel’s ballroom soon reached its 400 capacity with the remaining protestors listening to the meeting on a loudspeaker outside.

    Eventually commission bosses caved in and removed hundreds of signs forbidding canines from roaming across the heaths and woodlands.

    NFDOG chairman Pauline Ludlow said: “The last time we held a demonstration, to oppose moves to force dogs to be walked on lead, Lyndhurst was gridlocked.

    Thats what you need to do


    What a joke.
    Things keep going from bad to worse for dog owners!!!
    Give it another 5 years and we’ll all be seen as lepers to society…. :whatever:


    Having held 2 marches in opposition to a Dog Control Order proposal I would now like to take the marches nationwide. Ideally, near cities like Chester, Leeds, Birmingham Nottingham etc. The marches would take place on the same day and all dogs and owners would be most welcome. For those who already have dog control orders in place we would appreciate your joining us.
    If anyone is interested please contact me on – if you are unable to join in with us then tell a friend or get on twitter or facebook and spread the word.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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