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rescue spaces needed

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    got this email through so if anyone can forward this to any rescue’s they know that may be able to help that would be great.

    0121 242 0369

      Dog list

    Misfit x breed female 12 months    PTS
    Alex gsdx male 6 months              STILL IN SO ON NEXT LIST FOR PTS
    Lucas sbt male 6 years                PTS
    Tonky sbt x female 2years            PTS
    Byron mastiff x male 12 months      STILL IN ON NEXT LIST FOR PTS
    Elvis x breed male 9 months          PTS
    Pongo lab x dally male 2 yrs          PTS
    Scooby sbt x male 18 months        GOT UNTIL OCTOBER
    Lucy x sbt x female 3 yrs              OK FOR NXT COUPLE MONTHS
    Sausage x breed female 18 months    ”        ”      ”            ”
    Gary collie x male 18 months          PTS
    Tammy x breed female 2 yrs          PTS
    Tak sbt x female 9 months            PTS
    Summer rotty female 3 years          NEXT LIST PTS (ONE WITH THE CHERRY EYE)
    Dale sbtx male 6 months                NEXT LIST PTS AGE IS 6-12 MTHS
    Angel sbt x great dane female 2 years PTS
    Sia sbt x female 3 yrs                    PTS
    Digger sbt male  2 yrs                    PTS
    Toast x breed male 1 yr                  OCTS LIST
    Merlin sbt mle 18 month                  ”
    Velma sbt female 4 yr                    ”
    Ivy sbt x female 2 yrs                    ”
    Brandy rotty femle 4 yrs                  ”
    Josie sbt female 2 yr                      ”
    Ainsly sbt male 3 yrs                      PTS
    Whisky x breed mle 3 yrs                OCT LIST
    Trevor sbt male 12 months              ”
    Smartie sbt mle 11 months              ”
    Ruth x breed female 3 yrs                ”
    Rover x breed male 3 years              ”
    Rosie sbt x collie ? female 2 yrs      OCT LISTS
    Jake sbt male 4 yrs                        PTS
    Max sbt male 9 yrs                          PTS
    Stan sbt x male 12months                OCTS LIST
    Mitch terrier x male 6 yrs
    Mikka sbt female adult                    NOV LIST
    Winston sbt male 5 yrs                    OCT LIST
    Gordon sbt male 5 yrs                      NOV LIST
    Sprinkle german spitze male adult        ”
    Charlotte lab x collie female 5yrs        NOVS LIST
    Betty x breed female 4 yrs                  ”
    Bruce lab(X)?  male 18 months              ”
    Buster sbt male 7 yrs                          ”
    Barbie rottie female 12 months              ”
    Steve lab x male 9 months                OCT LIST
    Pricilla x breed female 9 months          NOV LIST
    Delilah x breed female 5 months          NOV LIST
    Benny x breed male 4 yrs                  PTS
    Whispy gsdx female 2 yrs                  NOV LIST
    Jacko ABD male 5 yrs                      PTS
    Matilda jrt female 5 yrs                    NOV LIST
    Tin tin terrie x male 9 yrs                  OCT-NOV LIST
    Glitzy jrtx female 12 months              PTS

    DogWatchUK Team



    Have none of these dogs details been sent to breed rescues ? there are some pure breds on there, be it that most are pet bred I am sure
    german spitze male adult  I know this one at the very least would be taken in they are a small breed and always look after there own



    dogwatch are a 3rd party “broker” really – it looks like a list of dogs in local pounds needing rescue spaces (west mids)

    they apparently aim to offer free advice helping people to re-home dogs, training and diet and are a charity.



    didn’t know anything about dogwatch so thansk claire.

    It was sent as a mass email Val so they could have sent it to breed rescue’s as well.


    thats ok 🙂

    i applaud anyone trying to raise awareness of just how many dogs are pts in the UK alone.

    i think RDR keep a similar list of northern poundies tho they do actually pull dogs and keep them and do the transferring to rescues themselves.

    claire x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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