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should i be worried??

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    Hi just wondered what you guys thought about this. im really worried about my lab Buddy. over the last few days he has had wht only i can describe as ‘funny turns’ hes is absolutly fine one minute and then suddenly he goes very quiet and and a bit nervy and not with it? he wont eat (normally he is the greediest dog on the planet) and is just not himslef at all. he shakes and growls to  :'( growling doesnt seem to be at anything in particular. this all lasts about and hour and then he is back to his usual bouncy happy chappy self.
    he is not a rescue dog iv had him since he a pup (now 5yrs) and i dont think its anything behavioural, he hasnt eaten anything different or got hold of anything he shouldn’t.
    last year something similar happened (just a one off) and vet said nothing really to worry about unless they become frequent. he had a ‘funny turn’ on sunday and now another one today.
    has anyone seen anything like this before?? :'(


    no chance that the fireworks will be bothering him?

    if he was mine i would want a blood test doing to chack everything’s ok, and be wondering about petit mal type seizures – similar to human ones, dogs can have them too.

    you’ve not changed his diet or anything have you? and is he still managing exercise ok – any change in the amount he’s drinking\ eating etc?


    sorry, just seen you said he won’t eat. any sickness or diarrhoea (i can spell it  ;D took me a long time…) ? and how long do the turns last for – always an hour or some shorter, and how many times a day for how many days? does he seem aware of what’s going on\ who you are when he’s having them?


    dont think its fireworks, he is fine with those normally, been desensitises by cd. no change in diet or water etc. and no change in amounts apart from while he is having a funny turn, he wont eat anything then. he is just sitting in same postition and not responding to anything at mo :-\
    im taking him to vets now as quite concerned  :-\ il let u no wht happens


    Hope you get some ansewr’s about Buddy at the vet’s


    i was wondering about seizures too or some kind of neural issue  ?


    poor buddy boy – let us know how he’s getting on

    Claire x


    Good luck at the vets – hope all goes OK – let us know.  🙂


    sounds like he has pain somewhere. it could be his teeth. or problems the other end. has the vet looked down his throat? my dog did the same after getting a splinter of wood in her throat after playing with a stick.


    just got back, vet thinks they are petit mal seizures like gsp said.
    also said they may well lead onto bigger fits (epilepsy) later on or he may never have another. he has had bloods taken and we will get results tomorrow and he is having MRI scan to rule out any other types of brain abnormalities.
    poor chap! thanks for help,  :-*


    Hope everything comes back OK.  🙂 I imagine they will check the blood results and stuff before they go in for doing an MRI?  :-\  Sorry if any of post not clear – next door’s children are screaming and I can’t think when they are making all that noise.  >:D


    eurhhh  screaming children :scared:

    yes MRI depending on bloods, hes had an MRI before on his legs.
    it was so frightening earlier, he is having a good rest now  🙂


    Glad he’s having a rest – hope that means he’s feeling a bit better.  🙂


    Have a good rest Buddy,let’s hope your vet can get to the bottom of your problem


    thanks everyone
    we hope so too!


    Oh bless ya am not suprised Vet thinks it that – let us know what all the tests show wont you, and chin up x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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