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Temperament tests EXCELLENT

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    Just a small brag both my dogs passed their temperament tests with “excellent” grading!  :educated: :pray:


    Congrats  ;D


    well done!

    What sort of things were in the test?


    The test started with the dog being tied up to a fence whilst the owner went out of sight this was followed by a walk down a very  busy high street filled with shoppers of all shapes, sizes, mobility and ages plus dogs (and cats)!  We were then asked to enter a telephone box to see how comfortable the dog was about entering a strange place.  On the way back to the hall two people came out from behind a wall; one opening a large umbrella and the other waving a football rattle whilst from behind a whistle was blown.

    Once back in the hall the dog was let off the lead in a group of people to gauge its reaction when not being supported by the owner


    Hi, I am a new member. 
    In my profession we assess our street dogs at 49 days old using something very similar to the Wendy Volhard assessment. We have turned 2 of her test around as they give completely the wrong response for what we are looking for and have quite a good success rate. Our search dogs test is quite different using drives, prey and hunt for what we are looking for, again with good response.


    The Volhard test is completely different and is used for those who want to use it for picking puppies from a litter.

    The character test developed by the Rottweiler Club is for use only on dogs who are over 12 months minimum.

    The police have altered the Volhard tests for their particular purposes. They weill use a problem solving test

    I have several issues with the Volhard test one of which is the noise one, because most people misunderstand what they are looking for.

    It is not whether or not the dogs are worried about a noise but their RECOVERY rate which indicates the potential reslilience of a dog in a stressful situation.

    The temperament test (adult) does not necessarily indicate a dog’s prey drive;


    These tests sound great – nacho would be able to do them with some more training  ::)  :embarrass:  :embarrass: however if there was any food about – all bets are off – and the cats…. fine if they are stationary he would stare them to death – if they move – all bets are off and it is exercise the cat time  ;D  :order:  :order:

    Well done sweetypye


    Sweetypye. I agree with what you have said. :agree: We look for the recovery (abreaction) after a noise, not how the noise affects. Is the rotty test on any site, I would like to compare it to the test we use when bringing in gift dogs from the public, which are normally over 12 months old. We no longer use the problem solving test in street dog puppy testing. Our puppy assessment is to make sure the dogs will make working dogs, we grade on the results.


    There is nothing on a site you can see as of course each test is different depending on the location, assessor etc but the broad outline for what the assessors are measuring is here:

    It is not something you can really train for specifically.

    Temperament Assessment in Dogs

    The position of the dog in society and the attitude of it towards dogs, regardless of breed, have undergone quite striking changes in the last few years.  No longer is he regarded solely as “man’s best friend” and the growth of a powerful anti-dog lobby has meant that the overwhelming coverage given to dogs and dog incidents/events has been both negative and critical.

    Therefore the importance of breeding for sound temperament and the building on that by socialising the puppy sufficiently is now more important than ever.  Apart from having a pleasant companion around the house you will have an animal that is a pleasure to take out and about in public – one, moreover, which will do a good public relations job not only for the breed but for dogs in general!

    Many owners will not have any experience of what is involved in temperament assessment and may feel some apprehensions on that score.  It is purely what its name implies and is not an assessment of the owner’s ability as a trainer.  It is concerned with how the dog behaves in every day settings which, after all, is where the majority of our dogs spend the bulk of their time.

    What sort of impression does it give: Friendly, reserved, calm, confident etc?

    How does it react to a friendly approach? A dog of sound temperament should not show fear of or aggression towards a person approaching its handler in a normal manner (unless it has been trained in an undesirable way).

    What is the reaction to an unusual advance – perhaps someone with a limp or on crutches or carrying a large package of some sort over a shoulder, walks past the dog. The dog is never threatened.

    Will noise prove upsetting – daily life in urban areas always embraces exposure to noise of some sort or another; cars backfiring, loud engines, and aircraft flying overhead and so on.

    Reaction to traffic, moving and stationary.

    Reaction to unusual obstacles that are encountered in normal surroundings eg road works, small ditches, low fences etc.

    Reaction to other dogs (non aggressive) and to a crowd of friendly/neutral people.

    How does the dog react being left alone without the owner? And how does the dog behave off lead?

    The Rottweiler Club evolved the idea of character assessments in the 1960s with the aim of maintaining awareness of the importance of good temperament in the breed; however the assessment is not breed specific.

    Dogs may be graded “excellent”; “good pass” or of course fail.


    Thanks for the last, it make interesting reading.  :agree: The perception from some non-doggy people can be quite aggressive and bemusing, and from some who view what we do in the public sector with narcotic and explo dogs is a violation of there human rights.  I think what we do more or less mirrors what you have stated and does fit with our requirements. We don’t publish our test as some breeders/providors then train to pass and then ask a fortune for a dog that has a cosmetic cover having been applied by the providor.
    Thanks again.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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