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time for an update i guess

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    Well, I havent been my active self on the site so assumed I had been due an update. Myself and my fiance Sean broke up due something I can never forgive so unfortunatley Tyra and Cleo have had to go and live with my great aunt who has 40 years in chi’s in Fife, but I miss them terribly  :'(

    Nero is with me and due to the fact ive been bankrupted im now living with my dad who luckily both he and Nero adore each other  :)! Nero’s partial show career is now finished as I dont drive but Im still looking to be invloved in dogs as much as possible. just looking for a way to still be involved but cant think of how apart from continuing my “research” in rare breeds and have surmounted a vast collection of books. One printed 1905 (in German admittedley!) which depicts some beautiful pictures, will show as soon as it arrives 😀

    If anyone can think of any way I can be involved with dogs Id love to hear as at this time I would rather keep myself busy,




    Awww MAndy sorry to hear about you and Sean – and also having to give up your two little ones  :'(  :'(  :-*


    So sorry Mandy,it’s been a bad year for break ups it seems 🙁 at least you know that Tyra and Cleo will be well loved. Perhaps you could help Kiz with her books she keeps promising to write ;D Val and Minpin do a lot of research with breeds maybe they can keep you busy.


    Hi Mandy

    Terrible time when you have to give up pooches because your partner doesnt play by the rules.  I know been there done it last year too  >:(  However the main thing is and this is a totally selfless thing to say – are your pooches happy  ???  BB and Elsa are truly happy and that helps ease my pain.  I miss them terribly but I was not in the position to financially or emotionally to look after three dogs properly.  I did what was right for them not me.  I could have kept them and muddled on but that wasnt the responsible thing to do.  Breaks my heart even 9 months later I miss them so much.  And I can forgive my husband a lot but will never forgive him for that.

    What about distance learning courses  ???  where abouts in glasgow you staying now – bet there is something around you that you could get involved in that wouldnt need a car.  ;D  and you could always take pooch on bus  ;D


    Sorry to read this Mandy  :'( Hope you find something you enjoy doing soon  :-*


    ((hugs)) mandy i hope things get better soon for you :-*


    Sorry to read this Mandy.
    Don’t give up on Nero’s showing get yourself to a ringcraft club they are cheap and I bet it’s not far to one, you may well meet someone that does drive that you could go with, there is a site on the board somewhere that is for car sharing, you could also look up an agility club, or good OB classes none cost a fortune and you will still have your hand in the world of dogs.
    There are a lot of shows not far from you in Glasgow its not the end of the world Scotlands full of dogs

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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