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    hi all,im new to this but have frantically been searching the net all night and getting no answers. I had a beautiful Rottie called Tyson who was only 32 months old. He was taken to the vets last wednesday as i thought i had given him too many worming tablets,it seemed i had given less than i should have. The vet sorted it and said not to worry and we got it sorted. All seemed fine but then he stopped eating and seemed listless. I returned him to the vet and after they did tests they said he had liver problems and was dehydrated. I had to leave him overnight at the PDSA and returned the nextday only to be told he had a temperature and was getting worse. The next day he had perked up but still stayed in. The following day they said he had cancer. How can a dog get this within 5days and have no symptoms at all before? My dilemma is this: did i do the right thing by having him put to sleep earlier today as i am pulling my hair out that i have put him to sleep for no reason. Should i claim his body back tomoz and request a post mortem from a private vet on monday? any advice would be well appreciated.

    thank you all xx


    Sorry for your lost, Yes I would have a PM done as it will give you piece of mind.
    I lost my Kara in six days first day she was running around Windsor Great Park happy eating, next day she was listless took her to the vet he thought she was going down with a virus of some sort, he took bloods two days later all she wanted to do was sleep bloods came back not good news so he ex-rayed her she was full of cancer that was day six, so we let her go over the bridge.
    I did not need a PM we could see on the ex-ray she was full of cancer.
    Cancer is becoming a very common condition in the Rottweiler breed


    I agree with Val and also am very sorry for your loss  :'(

    But I knew a dog who sadly went from being diagnosed with cancer to having to be PTS in less than a weeks time.  :'(  :-*


    really sorry for your loss  :'(


    Are there any clues as to which sort of cancer he had? I would imagine that would have a lot to do with how fast it spreads.

    It really is such a worry & i hear of stories like this a bit too often for my liking but i always take heart from the exceptions – we have a Rottweiler living not that far from us who will be 13 soon & bar the odd routine op she is in incredibly good health for her age – in fact we saw her this morning.

    I suppose if there is evidence beyond doubt that he definately had cancer & they can tell you which type then a post mortom might not be necessary but it depends how you personally feel about it really.


    sorry that your boyo went over the bridge at so young an age… 🙁


    sorry to hear about your boy :-*  run free little lad


    So sorry to hear of your loss *hugs


    Oh dear must have been a terrible shock for you, so sorry for your loss – run free Tyson  :'(  :-*



    i’m sorry to hear about you losing tyson.  i think that if you were sure enough to let him go then you absolutely did the right thing and i personally wouldnt have a pm and just let him rest now.  It is very sad you lost him so young and so quickly – give yourself time to grieve, everything is feeling very raw at the moment and it sounds like you’re looking for someone to blame (yourself or the vets??) because this awful thing has happened and theres no reasons why – its really hard 🙁

    Claire x

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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