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    i am having to call a dog trainer in to help me with stan ::)

    stans never realy liked other dogs since i got him, he was dog agressive. i perserveared with him and exposed him to as many dogs as possibe (when i first had him) and he came right although he did grumble occasionaly, then i got Mattie and although he had the odd grumble he was fine with other dogs. he was attacked by an akita type dog but was ok with other dogs after unless they were his size. since the loss of Mattie stan started grumbling more at dogs then he started snapping at dogs that were pulling on leads or were over excited when meeting us. once again i went back to basics with him and he eventually came right again. since then he has greeted nice but got a bit rough when playing, but for some reason and i cant figure a reason why, he has started snapping at every single dog that comes near us.

    this morning a little bitch came to say hello to him and he chased her away, growling and barking at her and ignoring me. i have decided to seek help as i am unsure were to go now as he only does this off lead and is fine on lead. and because i need to sort this out befor i bring another member to our house



    i would be very careful who you use kerrie – we had an old board member who lived on IOW that was doing the BB course that mudgie etc… are doing now – would you like me to try and find her e-mail address for you?

    perhaps he didnt want her in his space ??ย  if dogs come up to mine sometimes they’ll get chased away too.ย  he knows he doesnt have the choice onlead ๐Ÿ˜€

    Claire x


    i am more than happy for him to tell them off if they are a bit to much but he is doing it to every dog we meet out. he wont go haring across the feild after them but if they come a bit to close then they get chased, or maybe he is picking up on a cue that im not seeing or someting, i dont know but i dont want to start being accused of having a dangerouse dog ( a whole other storey ::) )

    i was going to call a trainer who i know well and i have seen his work as i am very picky about who i will let touch my dog



    i think you’re being very sensible to try and put a stop to this behaviour especially if people are beginning to label him – poor boy !!

    the first thing i would do is suggest that you dont let him offlead again until you have basic control and management in place (e.g. “leaveit” and a recall at C5) this way you are preventing him from being able to do the behaviour you dont want ๐Ÿ™‚ย  hope that makes sense !

    i know it seems cruel, i’ve been there myself with Bonnie and numerous foster dogs but it is by far the quickest method of getting your “leaveit” / recall really reliable and fluent.ย  once you have this then you could think about working on greets etc … once that is done and you are confident either letting him greet or managing – then will be the time to think about puppies ๐Ÿ™‚ย  it’ll be much harder to do this once you get the pup because you’ll have to leave puppy behind everytime you train stan and leave stan behind when you take pup because otherwise he’ll teach pup the stuff you dont want ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

    based on my experiences, i would think 3-6mths – longer if you have no ‘stooge’ dog to get this reliable and fluent enough to be thinking about a baby poopi – does that help ?

    Claire x


    Hope you get it sorted Kerrieย  :-* let us know how you get onย  :ok:


    claire you neednt worry about the pup i will be geting stan sorted first, just doing research at mo ๐Ÿ˜€

    stans leave it and recall are excelent (even round birds now), i have even introduced ‘hunt’ cue so he nows when he is aloud to play with the seagulls. i have introduced his ball on a rope back aswell. he will sit and leave birds with them only 2 foot away and will walk past them aswell. its just dogs

    stan is a very quick learner i just dont think that i am getting it right and in order for me to get it right i think i need someone to watch and tell me were im going wrong

    re the dangerouse dogs, stans not been labled (yet) its just a lot has gone on round here and i dont want people getting the wrong idea of stan, i will excplain more if you want me to.


    have u had stan since he was born?


    no i have only had im for 2 years



    wasnt worried kerrie – i know you’ll be putting stan first, was just trying to give you an idea based on getting Bonnie & Mist from ‘raary’ to ‘real nice’ ๐Ÿ˜€

    it sounds like he’s well on the way, i got to very much the same stage with Bonnie but rabbits were her “thing”

    with us i think perhaps it was a mixture of things – she’s got his C5+D but she has effectively got another level … C5+ “normal distractions” and C5 + “dog distractions” if you see what i mean and because i was allowing her the behaviour (she was breaking cue) i was damaging my cue reliability and fluency AND allowing her the unwanted behaviour – aswell as these 2 things working against me because i knew she wasnt reliable i wasnt as firm in my cue delivery and i think she just buggered off because she didnt think i really meant it !

    i think its always good to have someone look over what you are doing – i really need Bev to do the same for us as I have my heel-close cue in and she is doing it but what i have taught her isnt quite what i want if that makes sense lol !!

    if you stuck for “friendly stooges” Ollie and Ben (who donna owns) both seemed nice boys.

    Claire x


    i know this may sound mean but she could of been abused when she was pup


    stan always comes first ;D i have read your thread and am very impressed by how well youve got on with them :yes:

    with the c5+ normal, dog distractions, that is how stan is but i just cant figure out were it came from. with the chasing the birds i know it was because i missed a cue when he looked for it, but with the dogs….. i dont know :-\
    i know this might be a bad thingย  but in order to save my excelent recall i have stopped recalling him when he goes into this mode and just keep walking foward (after appologiesing to other owners) because he will follow but for now he will remain on lead when there are dogs about
    is donna on the isle of wight? if so it would be great if we could borow her dogs ;D

    pit bull lover stan has never been abused by myself or his old owners ( hes only had two owners) that i am pretty sure of :ok:


    ok thats good srry i brought it up but i was just speaking from experience


    thats ok any thought are aprechiated ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hiya Kerrie,

    Donna (with Ben and Olli) is on IOW (unless she’s moved recently) her username on here is donna_hetherย  if you dont have any luck contacting her with those details let me know and i’ll go on my old computer and see if i have another e-mail for her.

    Kerrie – stopping using your recall cue in this situation is exactly the right thing to do because you are right you will lose your other recall if you dont ๐Ÿ™‚ย  It sounds like you are doing the right things with him to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    what are you using as rewards ?ย  does stan like food or fuss or toys bestย  – maybe do all 3 things if you need to ?ย  do you reward him when he comes back to you (and are you rewarding a recall or that he’s been to play with the other dog) ? are you getting nervous / uneasey / less confident somehow when other dogs come near ?

    just a few thoughts that might be affecting his recall.ย  it is hard with a dog who has been allowed to rush over (in his eyes) to get them not to so good luck and stick with it ๐Ÿ™‚ย  it took me a looooooong time with William as i’d allowed him to rush over to other dogs for a long time in the past – but i would rate him at 7/10 maybe more with good treats or a ball, he’s just done a lovely leaveit for me with a goldie that he’s broken cue to in the past a couple of times so i’m proud of him this morning ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Claire x


    i will pm her in a minuet and see if i get a reply ;D

    im glad im doing right with the recall ๐Ÿ™‚
    rewards are difficult, i dont use treats as when he is excited he sometime goes to grab them and catchs fingers, toys he will only play with so much before getting bored but his best rewards are starting at me stroking him or pat on head right the way upto me playing with him (high criteria reward)
    when we do a recall with out dogs about his rewards vary from pat to play depending on how hard it was for him to come back, ie if he looks at bird but recalls then he gets pat but if he goes into flight after birds but recalls straight away then he gets play. with dogs about if he recall at all to me then he gets medium (big fuss but no play) type thing. hope that makes sence ๐Ÿ˜€

    other dogs around dont bother me, i just note they are there and decide at that point if i need to recall stan to my side or if he will walk past fine

    i have aloud him to ‘see off’ another dog who has come bounding over, high energy and jumping about over him and i dont mind him warning them or seeing off but its when he continues to chase.
    in the past he used to warn (body lang) then mock charge (to see off) but that was it

    thats great news about william and the goldie ;D so there is hope for me then ๐Ÿ˜€

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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